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Danieli Centro Recycling design, manufacture and install state of the art scrap shredder air cleaning systems to ensure low plant dust emissions. Based upon closed loop technology, our plants meet and exceed all current and projected prominent environmental requirements and legislation. Unique separation plant configurations offer maximum metal recovery which may simply be coupled to practical off-line Shredder Light Fraction (SLF) processing alternatives.

25 October 2018 > 26 October 2018

Danieli Centro Recycling Attends Krakow Conference, Poland October 2018.


27 November 2018 > 30 November 2018

Danieli Centro Recycling to attend Pollutec Exhibition, Lyon, November 2018

Lyon, France

20 September 2018
Great satisfaction at DCR - Danieli Centro Recycling - for the new contract recently signed with Stena Recycling AB, for the supply of a new PTC 1230-H scrap baler to be installed at the Stena’s Site in Oskarshamn, Sweden.

30 August 2018
Clearway Recycling relied on Danieli Centro Recycling to upgrade their existing DCR2227 (4000Hp) shredder and integrated downstream separation plant installed in 2006.

9 August 2018
Danieli Centro Recycling has been recently awarded by Kroman Celik, a key Danieli customer in Turkey, for an important contract to supply a state of the art CIB 1400-15L scrap shear and a PTC 1760H baler.

14 May 2018 > 18 May 2018

IFAT 2018

Munich, Germany

6 May 2018 > 6 May 2018

Danieli team building for the long run

Pittsburgh, US

14 March 2018
The contract signed with two Diler Holding companies to supply facilities in Turkey with a pair of CIB 1600-15L scrap shears came into force! We will provide scrap shears for Diler Iron & steel as well as Yazici Iron & Steel, which…

19 January 2018
In the course of a simplification of our worlwide company structure, we have merged as a final step of optimization Danieli Henschel GmbH into the German Holding Danieli Germany GmbH, on December 20th, 2017 back dated to 01.07.2017. From that date on,…

14 November 2017
The INCHERMET company is one of the leading scrap metal recyclers in the Tver and nearby regions. Through a network of 27 well-distributed sites (twelve of which are intended solely for scrap collection), it covers a vast territory of almost 150,000 km².…

22 September 2017
On September 22, the shear baler has been accepted in accordance with the terms of the contract. Main scope of supply is design, manufacture and installation of 600 tons shear-balers.

13 September 2017
Showing a total 4300 operation hours, the triple-action baling press (model PTC 1030) installed mid-2015 at Pietra (France) has performed pretty well. Anxious to maintain its production equipment in perfect condition...

25 July 2017
Usually equipped with materials from China, ASEAN STEEL, which operates 3 pairs of induction furnaces in Vietnam, has just commissioned its first scrap shear from Danieli Centro Recycling: an inclined CIC 800 which is suitable for most scrap, and especially for long…

27 April 2017
In December 2015, a contract was signed between GERDAU and Danieli for the upgrade of the non-ferrous scrap separation system at Gerdau’s steel mill in Whitby, Ontario. This job has been a challenge from many points of view, given the performances required…

13 April 2017
A practical application is the reduction of energy consumption in shredder plants. In Novelis largest aluminium recycling plant in the world, the decoating line controls the demand of shredded material; When the layout configuration considers in-line continuous feeding, multiple starts and and…

2 October 2014
As well as saving on running costs it gives us a product that is denser, cleaner and easier to melt. The extra density means we can load an extra 10% into containers, which increases the margin for all concerned and has led…