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As a specialist in metal scrap recycling equipment manufacturer, Danieli Centro Recycling also specialise in equipment reconditioning. With a reconditioned used shear baler, used car baler, or used metal shear, used shredder plant, or used baler, we offer an excellent alternative to a new machine for those on a limited budget.
We can also provide used equipment built by other manufacturers, such as Metso, Lindemann, Taurus or Lefort which are all re-conditioned, checked and re-painted or as required… depending on your individual needs.

The FR hammer shredder series designed to treat a wide range of materials- the specific purpose to make a big separation and therefore quality Proler. The introduction of the Zig zag dirt extraction system, results in a valuable finished product.

Brand new 700t shear-baler
with press-wings

Brand new 600t one-piece shear-baler
with press-wings

Brand new 800t horizontal compact shear

Used Akros 800t shear baler with press wings

Used Akros 630t shear baler with press wings

Used Akros 800t inclined shear

Used Taurus 900t shear baler

Used Taurus 540t shear baler

Used Akros 1000t shear-baler with lateral reducer