Spares & wear parts

Reduce maintenance costs to the lowest possible level

Danieli Centro Recycling’s years of experience and regular analysis of on site working conditions ensure that your press, shears, and shredder achieve unparalleled levels of longevity and profitability.
By working with you to optimise the specifications of emergency spare parts and shredder wear parts, we help to reduce periods of downtime. Our specialist service teams can also replace parts for you and adjust your machines for optimum efficiency.
In this way, they maximise your installation’s capacity, eliminating the risk of damage that could affect its operation.
To guarantee the lowest cost per shredded ton, we design and manufacture standard or custom wear parts for you. When you choose Danieli Centro Recycling, you can count on a complete range suited to every application. Each rotor model is manufactured to the highest precision so that it will integrate perfectly with the associated wear parts, giving each customer the most efficient and economical production solution possible.

Danieli Centro Recycling manufactures a full range of specialist rotors for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap applications. We also offer a complete patented alloy series: shielding plates, star rotors, disk rotors, drum rotors, hybrid rotors and every shredder wear parts. With more new rotor assemblies under its belt than any other company, the Danieli Riverside Products brand is still the world leader in the rotor industry.

Carbon Series
Incorporating a unique carbon alloy-based formula and a special manufacturing process, rotors and parts from the Carbon series are especially well suited to:
> Heavy mixtures
> Bulk scrap

Manganese steel
Offering the first wear parts system ever designed in the industry to improve the release of non-ferrous substances, the Manganese range is applied to:
> Heavy scrap
> Car bodies
> Bales
> Flame cut plate

Low alloys
> Bulk scrap
> White goods
> Tin and a lower percentage of car bodies
> Abrasive applications such as transforming scrap into energy and shredding waste

shredder parts replacement on rotor
shredder hammers replacement
baling press settings