Customer Service

Take advantage of connected tools for remote access to your machines…
Monitor and improve performance to optimise productivity and increase your return on investment

Connected simply via a modem or telephone line, the interface allows:
> Analysis and immediate diagnosis of any errors
> Remote adjustments
This system is an essential tool for preventive maintenance, since it provides you and your dedicated customer service a direct access to the following:
> The status of inputs (analogue or digital), pressure transmitters and pressure switches
> Time meters measuring motor running time, available in automatic mode
> Cut and/or bale counters
> Oil filter clogging indicator
> PLC software
Your machine can only be maintained at its top levels of performance and safety through regular servicing. Because we know that reliability and continuity of operation are essential, we offer our customers specific contracts, for a perfect fit with their activity. These contracts specify a timetable of scheduled maintenance actions, drawn up by agreement with users, and therefore perfectly controlled.
Preventive maintenance contracts help you to:
> Limit your costs through regular maintenance
> Avoid any interruptions to your business
> Optimise and schedule any production halts
> Improve safety and keep your work tools compliant with standards
Henschel Electronic Advanced Design/ Your machine data reading interface…
100% web accessible from your computer, tablet, smartphone, etc., and connected to the internet.
> Machine history
> Productivity monitoring to optimise machine profitability management
> Error signal transfer for efficient preventive maintenance
> Statistics calculations
> Machine documentation
man/machine interface on shredder
man/machine interface
machine monitoring