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XPERT 600-8L shear-baler

Danieli Centro Recycling one-piece shear-balers are developed to complete our range of hydraulic shears with
continuous feeding and side pre-compression box. These shears are versatile and can shear or bale the scrap. Scrap metal are loaded into a box fitted with wings reducing them to the appropriate shearing width. Then scraps are pushed towards the shearing head under the action of a pushing cylinder.
With this kind of shears, the shearing length can be accurate enough.


ManufacturerDanieli Centro Recycling
ModelXPERT 600-8L
Shearing ram force600T
Cutting width800mm
Clamping force100T
Cylinder force on each wings2x130T
Pusher force130T
Feeding box dimensions6x2,4m
Total installed power215kW
Equipment listOn request