Product News - 13 April 2017
DCR solutions for shredding plants to answer market request

Danieli strives to provide the highest quality, easy to maintain shredding plant in the industry. Our models balance the ease of maintenance features commonly found on our shredders, along with heavy plate, robust construction. In addition to a sturdy design, we offer innovative technologies such as our automatic reject door system, Q-drive low voltage inverter shredder drive system, and fully automatic shredder operation to give our customers the lowest operational cost and highest reliability on the market.

A practical application is the reduction of energy consumption in shredder plants. In Novelis largest aluminium recycling plant in the world, the decoating line controls the demand of shredded material; When the layout configuration considers in-line continuous feeding, multiple starts and and stops of shredder motor and downstream occur. By installing our Low Voltage Variable Speed Drive system, both current and power are widely below nominal values. The controlling motor torque also reduce motor/rotor mechanical stress during starting and processing.

By installing one of our Variable Speed Drive system on your shredder plant, it is possible to achieve economical benefits in terms of CAPEX and OPEX.
Improvements in shredders can also come from automation and optimization of yard management and scrap traceability. The removal of a dedicated operator for the shredder and potentially manual pickers in the downstream will be areas for advancement in plant technology.
? Scrap Traceability & Yard Management (Truck management, bunker management, bucket charging, claim material)
? Scrap Classification (characterization, volumetric measurement, density, photo tracking)
? Crane Automatic Management (crane mission generation, scrap delivery, unloading wagons/trucks, charging bucket)

Other areas for improvement will come from the development of new materials for hammers, caps, grids, anvils, and other wear parts in the machine. Reducing the cost per ton of consumables, electricity, and labor are the target areas to improve margins from shredding.

Of all waste streams, the non-ferrous metals product stream is the most commercially interesting for recyclers. The material offers a wide variety of commercial possibilities depending on product content and purity. To customers finding the end point to chase the recovery of these metals can be very challenging. This is bringing non-ferrous separation into sharper focus.

Although Danieli has been behind high-profile non-ferrous separation plant installations, such as at Gerdau’s Ontario steel mill, we know that large-scale plants are not appropriate for all customers. Some may increase profitability by adapting the ferrous line with something as simple as improving the air system, while another solution may be as easy as adding a screen and eddy-current separators to generate Zorba.

Whatever the size of the operation, Danieli Centro Recycling is available to integrate the system and bring the best available technology in order to improve productivity.

Danieli prides itself on innovation and the wiliness to take a risk on a project to develop our internal know-how as well as meeting the challenge presented by our customers.