Product News - 2 October 2014
UK metals firm invests in Danieli Centro Recycling equipment to buck trends and double capacity

While global markets stalled in the last decade, UK scrap firm EnableLink accelerated exponentially, doubling capacity in just one year with the help of a new shear, supplied by Danieli Henschel.

The company cites investment in new equipment, old-fashioned values and a unique product as the recipe for success. General Manager Charlie Penn explained: “In 2013, we invested in a Danieli Henschel shear, which has changed the face of the business. As well as saving on running costs it gives us a product that is denser, cleaner and easier to melt. The extra density means we can load an extra 10% into containers, which increases the margin for all concerned and has led to real interest from the international marketplace. The team has a wealth of experience – with a long and illustrious trading history!”

Based in the West Midlands, EnableLink has 20 staff on the books and is in its sixth year of trading. The company processes up to 600 tonnes a day, of all ferrous and non-ferrous materials, with a core focus on heavy steel works melting grades, OA and HMS 1&2.

Penn said: “Most of our trade is done with agents who are working to very fine margins. When you can fit an extra couple of tonnes in the box, freight costs are reduced dramatically.” The cost impact also benefits the end buyer – material is compacted to such a degree that air space is destroyed, resulting in cleaner cut grades of higher density and quality.

Sales Manager at Danieli Centro Recycling described EnableLink’s growth as evidence of its commitment to compete effectively within a global marketplace. “EnableLink and Danieli Henschel worked closely to develop a specific blend of speed and processing power, which has ultimately resulted in an extremely high density, sought after product.

“Danieli Centro Recycling already has a history of supplying the largest players in the industry, such as major customers in Russia and Germany”. It is very encouraging to see EnableLink shift UK standards up a gear and so quickly reap the rewards.”

The new shear, which replaced two lower capacity models, has helped EnableLink to manage stockpiles more effectively and reduced running costs. Penn explained: “The Danieli Henschel machine is producing more than our two previous shears combined and obviously also requires just one man instead of two, and one feeding machine instead of two. We are now producing more scrap for less money, and a better grade of scrap into the bargain.
“It has changed the dynamic of the company – it is faster, quieter, and we are now running one generator where previously we relied on two.”

The CIB 1250-10 Danieli Henschel shear features six 90kW motors. Steel of all types is fed into an 8-metre box where it is hammered into a 900-cm by 800-cm log with a length variable up to 8 metres. This compacted material is then struck with a clamp before the product is cut to length. Bringing the machine online has increased production from 250-300 tonnes to up to 600 tonnes per day and changed the face of the yard.

Penn said: “The machine is pivotal; the machine now is the yard, it is the operation. It gives us total control of the feedstock coming in; as fast as it comes in it is cut. We know that if we get five days’ production, the machine will kick out 2-3,000 tonnes of scrap, so it has raised the game and given us the strength to compete at a higher level.”

Looking to the future, EnableLink is so convinced by its new acquisition that it plans to invest in a larger machine. When asked what differentiates the company from its competitors, Penn replies: “The difference is people, and the fact that we’ve got a fabulous new machine to back us up. We like old fashioned quality and standards – old fashioned values, modern machinery.”