Product News - 26 June 2019
The World’s Largest Shear, Still Going Strong After Nearly 35 Years!

The world’s largest and most powerful guillotine shear, with 3000 t shearing force, was developed in 1985 by Henschel (which later became Danieli Henschel), in Kassel, to fulfill the order placed by Sheppard Waste Recovery in Liverpool.
In 1998 the shear was transported to River Metals Recycling in Louisville, Kentucky, USA and has been in operation there ever since. Danieli Centro Recycling’s After Sales Team is still able to supply spare parts for this machine.
The capabilities of the shear are still unrivalled in the market. The machine is capable of processing complete railway wagons after dismantling the wheel axles. With it’s 3000 t cutting force, the shear is able to cut plates up to a thickness of 206mm, rounds up to 357mm and squares up to 316mm!
It is a 3-level type shear which means scrap pre-compression through the side compression ram and the lids can be done independently from the cutting cycle through shear, clamp and pusher at the same time. (This is due to 3 separate hydraulic pressure lines which supplies the different cylinders.) The side compression can move parallel but is able to concentrate the forces at one point for better pre-compression of solid structures. This is due to the two side compression ram cylinders which assure an angled position of the side compression ram due to independent cylinder’s movement with different strokes.
The shear was transported to UK in March 1986 with 42 single truck transport units. It was the most extensive transport with industrial goods ever to leave Kassel. It was not possible to install the complete shear at Henschel factory in Kassel because of the limited crane capacities of 2 x 90 t and limited height of the hall. Therefore, the shear head had to be fabricated in two pieces which were welded on the Sheppard site in Liverpool during shifts carried out over a period of weeks.