The innovative ideas within the Danieli Centro Recycling team continue to bring extensive benefits for clients around the world.
The Italian recycling company Colfer is based in Verona and enjoys a reputation for being a highly successful and pioneering scrap processing and management company.
With the challenging European scrap market, always awarding more to the enterprises able to process the widest range of materials, Colfer have seen a major opportunity to increase their portfolio of activities and immediately contacted Danieli Centro Recycling, looking for an advanced and tailor made shredder plant.
In a country where the disposal cost has a significant impact on the scrap processing business, Danieli Centro Recycling engineers have overcome the technical obstacles to produce a solution offering the highest quality of the final product with the lowest operational cost.

The plant is designed to process and refine a broad range of Ferrous and Non Ferrous scrap and comprises a DCR1822 Heavy Duty Shredder equipped with a 2,000 Hp main motor and a BMH 130-630 Grinder Mill integrated in the same Ferrous and Non Ferrous downstream.
The machines are already in manufacturing and a fast track delivery of equipment to site will see installation start in Autumn 2019.

DCR team; Luca Spaziani,Guido Carnelutti and Davide Braga, and Colfer’s Roberto Cobelli, Kevin Cobelli and Yuri Cobelli