Site News - 19 January 2018
Danieli Centro Recycling Kassel Organisation moves into its brand-new offices and Service-workshop

In the course of a simplification of our worlwide company structure, we have merged as a final step of optimization Danieli Henschel GmbH into the German Holding Danieli Germany GmbH, on December 20th, 2017 back dated to 01.07.2017. From that date on, Danieli Germany GmbH will thus, as universal successor, assume all rights and obligations of the merged companies towards all customers, suppliers, baks and other business partners.

Danieli Germany GmbH will continue to run the business line Danieli henschel / Danieli Centro Recycling from theron from its brand new officies in Kassel, Germany. The new location has a footprint of 875 square meters (9,400 square feet) and is closer to the strategic location in the central part of the city. It also is fully established with most modern standards.

Jörg Schröder, managing director for DCR in Germany, says that with this strategic move into the new location in the heart of Germany, DCR has set the strategic base for the future ensuring up-to-date working conditions for its staff, and hence is prepared for its future growth.

New colleagues have as well already joined the Company to further strengthen our capabilities. Schröder says the new location “will be fully dedicated to sales and service support, with a fleet of six service vehicles and a comprehensive spare parts inventory.”

The staff’s recent move into the new space took place after a year-long process to find the proper site and then prepare the new space for the move-in.

Schröder touts several benefits to DCR’s new Kassel location, including:
• it provides for optimal internal organization and communication;
• it offers an immediate, nearly adjacent connection to the highway system; and
• the new building offers numerous energy-saving features, including arrays of solar panels produced by Kassel-based SMA Solar Technology AG; energy-saving windows; and other building design aspects tailored to meet modern sustainability targets.

The Danieli Centro Recycling operations in Kassel trace their roots back to the Henschel company, which was originally established in 1810. Henschel was acquired by France-based equipment maker Akros in 2007 and since 2012 has been part of the Danieli organization.

The DCR group consists of three well-known recycling names forming one of the largest product line available worldwide: Danieli Lynxs and Danieli Riverside Products specialized in ferrous and non-ferrous shredding plants, and Danieli Henschel providing a comprehensive range of hydraulic shears up to 1,600 tons in size, plus baling presses, grinder mills and pre-shredders that are based upon unique know-how that is recognized and appreciated worldwide.

Danieli Centro Recycling hence keeps moving ahead in its development for further strengthening of its customer service.

We look forward to shaping the future with our customers and business partners and are convinced that we can manage this even more efficiently and to full satisfaction within the new company structure.

Address Office and Invoicing:
Muendener Str. 4
34123 Kassel

Address Goods reception and shipment:
Miramstr. 74, Hagen-Park Geb. 1
34123 Kassel