Product News - 20 September 2018
Danieli Centro Recycling and Stena Recycling AB Partnering Toward a Growing Recycling Business!

Danieli has been chosen for the supply of a new PTC 1230-H scrap baler, to be installed at the Stena’s Site in Oskarshamn, Sweden.

DCR, the business unit of Danieli in charge for the recycling business, has proudly signed this agreement with Stena Recycling AB, the relative unit of the multinational Swedish Company Stena headquartered in Goteborg, Sweden.

Nowadays, the Stena AB Group is a holding of more than 30 companies and counts about 20,000 employees, and is very active in several business fields such as, among the others, Recycling, Trading, Oil, Finance, Real Estate etc. Specifically, Stena Recycling AB is being recycling and processing all kinds of materials for over 75 years, through its recycling centers spread onto all the Scandinavian countries.

This new innovative and high-performance PTC 1230-H scrap baler processes up to 15 t/h wastes mainly material, such as sheets, coming from the automotive and truck industry, where cabins are manufactured.

All the above breakthrough scorecards give the magnitude of the importance this order has for the strategic partnership among 2 top class players on the respective business fields, like Stena and Danieli are, and is just a step beyond on the future successful cooperation aimed to an healthy business growth.