Great example of business Co-operation between Danieli and Keller to improve the performance of the suction system and an air separator of the State of the Art SRI Daddi Grinder Mill

SRI Daddi, high quality Recycler in France, relies on Danieli Centro Recycling and its French Team of Danieli Henschel for the supply of a top class combo recycling plant, composed by a Preshredder, 2,2-meter-wide, hydraulically driven with 400kW power, inline downstream/Infeed conveyor, and a grinder mill with 630kW power installed, with its auxiliaries.

In order to improve the already well performing process line, Danieli and Lybover Air (Keller France) worked together to further enhance the capabilities of the existing suction installation for the 630kW Danieli vertical shredder and an aeraulic cascade for sorting shredder residues. The aim was to improve the filtration, safety and availability performance of the installation.
Method used / Answers given:
The fumes, dust and lightweight materials (fluff) sucked into the mill are treated by a new KELLER cyclone that recovers a large part of the waste sucked into the vertical mill. The cyclone is installed on a structure certified EN-1090 which provides access to the various equipment for maintenance.
The air is then treated by an existing wet Venturi separator equipped with a new settling tank with automatic sludge removal. This mechanical system serves to recover waste, oils, and foam that may remain on the surface of the product.

The material ground by the vertical shredder is sorted in a zig-zag type air separator to recover a heavy (cleaned) fraction that falls through the separator, in order for further processing with a sorting line. The light fraction is sucked up and recovered via the KELLER cyclone. The air separator is depressurized by a new KELLER “JET SET” bag filter to prevent dust dispersion caused by the passage of the ground material through the cascade.
A common chimney allows the filtered air to be discharged into the atmosphere.
The installation lasted for the shortest downtime period, allowing Daddi to not jeopardize the production schedule, guaranteeing great satisfaction on all the parties involved.

For more info: Kirsty Kay, Mkt Specialist