Product News - 22 January 2019
Anglo Asia Group teams up with Danieli Centro Recycling for High-Tech Process and Product development!

Another important step ahead in the Pacific Area for Danieli Centro Recycling, who have recently signed an agreement with Anglo Asia Group for the supply of a High-Tech state of the art Grinder Mill for UBC (used beverage cans) processing in Thailand.
The investment represents a milestone for Anglo Asia Group‘s business development, and they are relying on the leading multinational Team of Danieli for the supply of its key process UBC Grinder Mill.
The UBC Grinder Process Equipment will be delivered in the shortest lead time ever, allowing further enhancement of the production, in time and quality.
This has lead to great satisfaction for both teams; Danieli Centro Recycling and Anglo Asia Group, who are now strengthening their partnership toward a growing and sustainable Recycling business.