Product News - 13 June 2019
Another refurbished shredder rotor ready for delivery!

Danieli Centro Recycling is your global partner in the scrap recycling market and can support your business with innovations to keep a step ahead in CapEx and OpEx. A good example is the capability to offer services, and also spares, for shredder plants, scrap shears, balers and briquetting presses (including machines from different OEM`s.)

The last service provided for an important customer in Brazil was the refurbishment of a shredder spider rotor. All of the spiders, discs and the main shaft were completely renewed during the service, as were the bearing housings. Detailed testing and inspections were carried out by our highly qualified team, to guarantee the excellence of the service, which was also completed ahead of schedule, allowing our customer to have a capital spare in case of any need.

Danieli is capable of supplying brand new rotors and services to extend the lifetime of your rotor from any manufacturer, and of any model or size. Please contact us for more information.