Product News - 17 December 2018
Top Class Partnership Between Business Leaders Danieli Centro Recycling and Interpipe.

Danieli Henschel SAS (part of Danieli Centro Recycling) is proud to announce that the company has been awarded ‘2018 strategic supplier’ by the Ukrainian-based Interpipe Company.
DCR and Interpipe have been working to estabilish a longstanding business relationship, with the supply of 10 shears and a complete 1 mio tons/year meltshop with bloom and casting machines. Since 2016 DCR has further enhanced this long term co-operation by bringing the machines to a higher level of productivity in order to feed the meltshop with continuity.

The following steps have been identified and are in progress:
– 2016 start of supply of strategical spare parts
– 2017 installation of local support
– 2018 revamping of CIV 1000 through the supply of major equipment / components
– 2019 installation of Danieli HEAD system to control remotely all of the machines, and provide preventive maintenance and continuous improvement
– 2020 … 4.0 with continuous improvement and continuous training of interpipe team.
The above milestones testify the great job being done by the teams on planning and executing the businesses’ development.