Product News - 19 December 2018
High Scorecard as the Top Class Supplier of High Level Design Machine: SEA and Turkey’s markets

Danieli Centro Recycling, the product line in charge of the development of the recycling business for worldwide leader Danieli, is always very keen to develop and improve the design of its products and services, in ordert o provide solutions to its partners.

This continuous improvement is founded on the solid basis of the Henschel heritage of brand value, design capabilities, experience, references, process know-how and the technical skills of their engineering department, in combination with Danieli’s worldwide recognized well-established State of the Art design, process know-how, superior manufacturing and execution capabilities, as well as the reliable local services all over the world.

By combining all these key values,Danieli Centro Recycling is now gaining market shares all over the world, providing top class equiment and performance to their business partners.
Such good results are well testified, for example in the Pacific Area and Turkey’s markets where, only in the last 2 years, Danieli has supplied, among other projects:

• 5 side compression shears (CIB 1000-8L shear type, featuring a 1000t cutting force and an installed of over 350kW) and 2 wing type shear 700t cutting force just in Vietnam.
• Various balers, grinders, shears in China, Taiwan, Thailand.
• 2 side compression shears CIB 1600-15L, 1 side compression shear CIB 1600-10L, single side compression shears CIB 1400-15L and a PTC baler 1760-H, just in Turkey.

DCR has also recently sold elsewhere in the world:
• 2 Shears (CIB 1400-10L) in Australia
• Several Shredder plants into Spain, Italy and the UK
• Grinder Mills into Italy and South East Asia
• Pre-shredders in the UK and USA, as well as the company’s first sale of a Pre-shredder into South America.

The above, shows how DCR is relied upon as a top class supplier of powerful and robustly designed equipment that allows the best flexibility in processing, from light to heavy scrap, with the highest efficiency and process and low runnning costs, helping their partners to cope also with the always increasing market of key developing countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, and Turkey, a real bridge between Europe, Asia, MENA and Africa.

Glad of the results, Danieli strives on, continuously researching new solutions for scrap processing, always willing to improve the design solutions to meet and exceed the customer‘s performance expectations.