Events - 2 April 2019
DCR has just returned from a very rewarding visit to IFAT Eurasia, Istanbul

DCR had a booth at IFAT Eurasia, with our new service partner in Turkey, Sinc Nations, and it was a fabulous opportunity to introduce our recent collaboration to the market.
We had a busy few days, with many visitors to the booth, and we were very fortunate on one of the days to be joined by the President of BIR! We were also able to attend some interesting and informative presentations on topics concerning the recycling industry (particularly surrounding the circular economy, and odour pollution and control.)
Istanbul is a beautiful city, and acts as the ideal gateway between Europe and Asia. With local attendees being joined by those who travelling from the Balkans, Russia, and Germany, as well as North Africa and the Middle East, China and India, to name just a few!