Through a continuous process of product development, Danieli Lynxs scrap shredder plants combine technical ingenuity with engineering excellence. We deliver scrap shredders starting from 600kW (800 Hp) right up to 7,500kW (10,000 Hp) that offer world leading performance and reliability at industry leading low operating costs.
A complete service is available to the scrap shredder operator from full turnkey design, manufacture and installation of new integrated facilities to the supply of replacement rotors and wear parts. At existing sites, our experienced engineers can offer new insight and practical solutions to modernise and enhance production output, metal recovery and overall efficiency.
Our robust and reliable plant is designed and built to meet the arduous conditions imposed when processing heavier grades of scrap metal.
Our innovative mill geometry and one-touch computer based control system gives high throughput with low power consumption. Comprehensive material disintegration ensures optimum separation and nonferrous product yield. State of the art dust extraction, suppression and control techniques mean that all our equipment meets current and foreseeable statutory environmental requirements.

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energy saving on shredding lines

Danieli Centro Recycling innovates in shredder automation

The decoating line controls the demand of shredded material; When the layout configuration considers in-line continuous feeding, multiple starts and and stops of shredder motor and downstream occur. Danieli Automation MV ... Read more

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