• PSC – Single acting balers
  • PSC – Single acting balers
  • PSC – Single acting balers

PSC – Single acting balers

Danieli Henschel simple acting balers are particularly well designed for ease of use in the aluminum industrial sector, as well as in sorting centres making bales with UBC (Used Beverage Cans), aerosol, paint cans, etc. Their sturdy construction allows 24/24 working, optimized with the help of the Danieli Henschel monitoring interface.

Offering an output up to 2 t/h, our PSC baling presses range is particularly suited for sorting centers, food industry and industrial metal packaging.

Specific advantages

  • Easy to install in an existing process lines
  • Box grooving
  • Adjustable final compression
  • Short time cycle
  • Compact design
  • Adjustable number of precompressions
  • No specific civil work required
  • Bales meter

Working process

  • Continuous feeding with a conveyor
  • Continuous operating cycle thanks to the shearing of the first compression ram
  • Manual or fully automatic operating cycle
  • The starting of the cycle can be controlled by a weighing hopper or a level detector

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