Briquetting presses – PBC range

Danieli Henschel briquetting presses are suitable for a wide range of applications. They can be used in the car industry as well as in scrap yards. The briquetting presses are designed for processing wood and mill shavings, ferrous and non ferrous metals, and for turning and drilling chips as well as granulate and mixed briquetting. Suitable materials include steel, cast iron, aluminium, bronze, brass, magnesium, copper, copper granulate and special alloys.

PBC briquetting balers
Machine installation especially well-suited to the industrial environment.
Robust briquetting presses designed for continuous heavy-duty operation whatever the product to be processed: steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, bronze, brass, etc. in certain forms: cuttings, shavings, powder, sludge, etc.
Complete turnkey supply of a series of equipment to satisfy customer requirements: automation of an industrial production line upstream and downstream from the briquetting press.
Optimisation of briquette handling, storage, and transport costs: high densification, uniformization of volumes (equal briquette size).
Improved briquette merging performance.
Continuous feed by conveyor or grab claw.
Automatic positioning of waste in the compression chamber using feed rams.
Automatic, fast, and continuous briquetting cycle.
Optimisation of briquette production and densification by adjustment of the machine parameters.
Evacuation of briquettes on ramp or conveyor.
long sized guide
briquetting chamber
centralized and protected maintenance
  • Easy installation, suited the industrial environment
  • Continuous automatic operation
  • Touchscreen man/machine interface
Working life
  • Long, generously sized guide surfaces for the columns
  • Extrusion of up to 99% of effluents (water and/or oil) contained in the shaped briquette and recovery of effluents in a large-capacity collection tank
  • Optimisation of loading mode, size, and densification of the briquette by adjustment of the machine parameters
  • Centralised and protected maintenance
  • Easily interchangeable wear plates
  • Simplified column tension adjustment to make full use of the main piston’s thrusting force
  • Centralised greasing of bearings
  • GSM modem or telephone line for telediagnosis
Hydraulic power unit
  • Hydraulic unit mounted on the same chassis as the briquetting press for a simplified and compact installation
  • Industrial hydraulic pumps
  • Reduced energy costs through controlled use of the hydraulic circuit
  • Complies with Machine Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Controlled risk of injury thanks to protection and covering of high-risk areas
  • Securing of maintenance areas
    Hydraulic hose whiplash protection
Available equipment
  • Several pre-briquetting scrap preparation systems or technologies: rotary screen, magnetic separation, storage sieve, weighing system, cutting shredder, centrifuge, vibrating table, etc….
  • Several systems or technologies to feed and eject the briquettes: ramp, conveyors, screw conveyors, etc…