Scrap shears

Over the last 40 years or more, Danieli Henschel hydraulic scrap shears have acquired a worldwide reputation in the field of metal collection and recycling. Today, three major lines of hydraulic scrap shears (CIB, CIC & CIV) allow scrap metal processors to cope with every type of requirement. These scrap shears are designed to cut scrap metal using a guillotine system powered by hydraulic energy.
Because of the different reducer kinematics in each range, Danieli Henschel machines can process heavy, bulky scrap metal just as easily as lightweight scrap metal. They also increase the density of the scrap metal collected, while greatly reducing its size. This enables them to process dozens of tonnes per hour whatever the operating mode: automatic or manual.

Steve Middelthon - Super Salvage

Danieli Centro Recycling shear makes the cut in Washington

Danieli Centro Recycling has secured a landmark deal with the last scrap yard operating out of Washington DC. September 2016 will see the ... Read more

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