Horizontal shears – COMPACT range

Danieli Centro Recycling horizontally operating COMPACT shears have been developed as a complement to traditional shears, with pre-compression boxes and continuously operating shears. Scrap is deposited into the loading box continually throughout the shearing cycle. The product to be treated is compressed by the stepped presser moving forwards. In the case of bulky products, several movements of the presser are necessary before the shearing phase itself starts. During each presser cycle, the compressed material falls by gravity into lower levels, then into the shearing chamber.

COMPACT horizontal shears
Easily transportable without specific authorization
Simplified customs formalities
Fast loading / unloading and positioning
Quick setup
Time release for the crane driver to manage the scrap yard
No foundation required
Continuous automatic shearing operation cycle
Direct and continuous loading an open box with great storage capacity
Compression of scrap for each cycle by means of a staged horizontal ram
Automatic indexing of the shearing capacity (400 or 800 t) in accordance with metal scrap being process
one-piece horizontal shear
horizontal shear
horizontal shear loading box