One-piece shear-balers – XPERT range

Transportability and versatility are the hallmarks of the CIV range!
Thanks to these features, DANIELI CENTRO RECYCLING one-piece shear balers range can be driven to the site where you need it for shearing or baling… it is particularly suited for the processing of bulky lightweight scrap metal, calling for high density and precisely cut lengths.

PTC Triple acting balers
Stationary or easy-to-move machinery.
Versatility for shearing and baling.
Installation without any special civil engineering work.
Simplified customs formalities.
Man/machine interface.
Optimized precompression.
Automatic shearing and baling.
Precompression with over stroke on both wings, with automatic or manual control.
Indexing of the shearing and reducing rams by way of magnetostrictive sensors.
Laser positioning of the ram.
The XPERT Range of transportable shear-balers with lateral pre-compression box has the following characteristics:
– Shearing force of 600- 960 t
– Cutting width of 800- 900 mm
– Installed power of up to 330kW
shear baler compression box
oversized ram guidance on scrap shear
scrap shear new drive system
  • Machine feedback via bidirectional remote control
  • Human/machine interface via touch screen
Working life
  • Inner wings over stroke to reduce wing wear
  • Generously sized guide surfaces
    400 HB wear plates
  • Industrial hydraulic pumps
  • Centralised hydraulics
  • Improved accessibility
  • Simple shearing ram adjustment by excentrics from outside the shear
  • GSM modem for telediagnosis
Hydraulic power unit
  • Compliant with the 2004/26/EC Machine Directive
  • 10% more power
  • Less emission of pollutant gases
  • Optimised cooling
  • Compliant with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Safety setting in maintenance and transport modes
  • Hydraulic hose whiplash protection
Improved soundproofing
  • The quietest machine on the market
  • Acoustic pressure level ‹ 88 dbA