Danieli Centro Recycling equipment will improve rolling and casting processes

This disc rotor has recently been completed in our workshop, and will soon be starting it’s journey to one of our customers in Peru.

Roca Acero, a scrap recycling company based in Mexico, have just signed a contract with DCR for the supply of scrap processing machinery that will improve their production levels.

Installation of a brand new DCR Shear CIB 1400-15L has begun at one of our customer’s sites in Turkey. The job is progressing well, and we will soon have another satisfied customer.

DCR maintains the quality of it’s machines throughout all phases of execution, from engineering, through purchasing, manufacturing, assembly, construction and commissioning by keeping projects in-house, utilising our exceptional design and manufacturing centres worldwide. Workshop pre-assembly, including machine mount piping is the best proof of high quality supply which supports faster and more efficient installation on site

DCR has outstanding capabilities for supplying value-added spare parts, and offering consignment stock options. Our warehouse is always well-stocked with spares for customer’s shredders, including hammers, anvils, grids, caps, and baffle bars to name but a few! We are always busy shipping spares out to customers worldwide.

The innovative ideas within the Danieli Centro Recycling team continue to bring extensive benefits for clients around the world. The Italian recycling company Colfer is based in Verona and enjoys a reputation for being a highly successful and pioneering scrap processing and management company. With the challenging European scrap market, always awarding more to the enterprises able to process the …

Danieli Centro Recycling is your global partner in the scrap recycling market and can support your business with innovations to keep a step ahead in CapEx and OpEx. A good example is the capability to offer services, and also spares, for shredder plants, scrap shears, balers and briquetting presses (including machines from different OEM`s.) The last service provided for an …