Successful revamping for DCR 2727 (6000Hp) shredder plant with integrated metal recovery systems

At Metal and Waste Recycling, United Kingdom   

In late 2015 Metal and Waste one of the top 3 metal recycling companies in UK, awarded Danieli Lynxs a contract to upgrade and revamp the existing DCR2727 (6000Hp) shredder and downstream. The plant has been in operation since 2005. Metal & Waste Recycling specialises in the recycling of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and other waste streams into products that can be used in the manufacture of new goods.

The primary goals of the project were to increase ferrous product density and purity and along with increasing the liberation of more valuable non-ferrous metals with newly designed discharge grids. At the same time Metal and Waste also decided to improve the downstream separation processes with the upgrade to the existing shredder dedusting plant, cascade cleaning system and the addition of a brand new smart water system. Both systems were complimented with further modifications and integration into the existing PLC system.  The improvements to the main plant were further complimented with a bespoke Danieli Lynxs designed offline plant to extract even more non-ferrous metals. The offline plant was designed with future upgradeability as the key factor to ensure Metal and Waste can easily expand to ensure their plant is operating with optimum metal recovery.

This is an important factor as we face ever changing market conditions and new technologies for metal recovery are available. The main challenges faced during the project execution were ensuring minimum downtime and disruption to the existing shredder operation.

The upgraded plant was back in full operation early 2016 with all milestones successfully achieved by Danieli Lynxs.

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