One more contract in radioactive scrap processing for DANIELI HENSCHEL

The CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research, decided to place a contract with DANIELI HENSCHEL for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a press shear system for the CERN Radioactive Waste Treatment Center at the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva.

With this new contract, DANIELI HENSCHEL confirms its position of leader and international expert for the design & manufacturing of scrap processing equipment for radioactive scrap. The confirmation of this new project happens the same month when DANIELI HENSCHEL is delivering a complete installation for nuclear submarine disposal in Saida Recycling Center for “RosRAO”, the only specialized Radioactive Waste Management enterprise operating in Russian Federation on a national scale.

The CERN buildings amongst the surrounding countryside.   Cern2

These two last installations include numerous protection measures in order to reduce radioactive exposition & risk for operating personnel. Some of them are for instance:

– Complete protection cover above bed and shear discharge connected to deducting system
– Cabin connected to separate air supply and equipped with air outlet- Monitor for video cameras
– Remote control of all equipments: feeding, shearing, transport, packing
– Mobile filtration system for emptying and filling
– Hardly inflammable hydraulic oil

Collection, transportation, treatment and long-term storage of Radioactive Waste is for many countries a serious issue since many years. Not only international Organizations are trying to find optimal and efficient solutions. DANIELI HENSCHEL delivered an automatic 800 t shear to the Socodei (EDF Group) site in Marcoule, France, to reduce the volume of Radioactive Scrap to be disposed in long storage sites.

Our experts are already working in close relationship with different engineering offices and international organizations to share their experience and expertise.



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