The Dnepropetrovsk NTRP mill is dedicated to the production of seamless pipes for the oil, gas and power industries. This plant also produces pipes for machinery as well as pipes for industrial application and railway wheels and tyres. Scientific Production Group INTERPIPE Corp. is one of the largest private companies in Ukraine. Since 1990 the group is active in various branches of economy such as metallurgy, row materials and machinery. The Corporation’s headquarters is situated in Dniepropetrovsk (Ukraine). The company also has representative offices and agency services in Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Switzerland, USA and in other countries. INTERPIPE group is the forth powerful pipes company in the world, the third largest producer and supplier of railway wheels in the world and the first-rate supplier of silicomanganese products. The Corporation’s share of seamless pipes in the world market equals 4,1%, of railway wheels in the world market – 10%, and 11.4% on the market of manganese ferroalloys. The group comprises also a number of production, service and sales companies. Nowadays around 30 thousands of people are employed for participant enterprises.

A contract for 5 baling shears of 600 tons of cutting force, has been delivered in 2012 … That was the challenge launched by INTERPIPE in December 2011. It required no less than three visits to Danieli Henschel Service specialists’ team to define the exact shearing needs for their request. With the experience gained over 10 years in the CIS, these meetings where the rich exchange between professionalism and technicians INTERPIPE knowledge and experience Danieli Henschel, allowed us to stop the optimal choice for customer with CIV 600-8L I models (600 tons of cutting force press-shear, long box version, with optional bucket).

The call for tenders issued by INTERPIPE has received offers from more than eight companies, and in the final phase, Danieli Henschel was awarded. Danieli Henschel organized a trip to IEC for Ukrainian technicians on various scrap yards using similar press-shears in order to demonstrate that work in extreme weather conditions in no way affects the performance and productivity of Danieli Henschel equipment! This visit allowed the customer’s technicians to ensure the professionalism and quality Danieli Henschel, and ensure their support for the ultimate choice.

The final decision was taken mid-December 2011 and in January 2012, Danieli Henschel and INTERPIPE definitely validated this agreement by signing the final contract. From then on, everything has been implemented to allow delivery of the contract on time. The first four CIV 600-8 LI are now set up on their respective sites; the last one will be soon commissioned in Dnepropetrovsk. INTERPIPE already owned two baling shears CIV 500-8 and two CIV 1000-8 purchased in 2009 and 2010. This means that with now 9 operative machines, INTERPIPE becomes a key customer of DANIELI HENSCHEL in Ukraine.


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