New preshredder in the south of France…

In October, the Akros Henschel preshredder purchased by Rossi Récupération shredded its first bales and ELVs.

Following its 2009 acquisition of Akros Henschel CIC 1110 inclined scrap shear, Rossi Récupération demonstrated its continued trust in Akros Henschel by investing in a ZDS 220-400 double-shaft preshredder and a CMO 2216-22 swivelling conveyor specifically designed and manufactured by Akros Henschel.

The ZDS 220-400 preshredder has been installed upstream from the recently acquired shredder, and is already performing its function perfectly, enabling Rossi Récupération to:

  • Increase its shredder’s productivity by making the incoming material more homogeneous,
  • Reduce the average electricity consumption of its shredder by significantly lowering consumption peaks,
  • Reduce the risk of explosions in the shredder resulting from only partially depolluted vehicles or undetected gas bottles,
  • Limit damage to the shredder caused by explosions and unshreddable material,
  • Limit shredder wear, and therefore also downtime and maintenance costs.

Bolstered by Henschel’s historic experience in the field of triple-shaft pre-shredders, Akros Henschel has developed a complete and complementary range of double-shaft preshredders available in two casing widths (2.2 and 2.5 metres) and four power ratings (from 400 kW to 800 kW) covering production needs from to 120 t/h and with the following main technical characteristics:

  • Extremely robust design that ensures the machine’s life span,
  • A hydraulic power unit specially designed by Akros Henschel’s teams, with low maintenance costs,
  • Double-shaft preshredders with an upper opening system that allows easy maintenance and handling.

The considerable advantages offered by Akros Henschel’s solutions have already convinced several major operators: no fewer than ten preshredders of various sizes will be installed by Akros Henschel in late 2012.

Akros Henschel’s core business is the development and assembly of machines designed specifically for recycling steel and metals, and it offers continually enhanced ranges of shears, balers, preshredders and shredders to meet the ever-growing requirements of its customers.



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