600-tonne press-wing shears: AKROS HENSCHEL presents a new version!

CIV 600-8L DT Paprec

Akros Henschel CIV 600-8 press-wing shears, a favourite tool of scrap recyclers all over the world, had a springtime facelift in 2011!

For almost ten years now, Akros Henschel has been offering its customers a wide range of 600-tonne press-wing shears with a choice of two drive systems (electric and diesel) and three main versions:

  • Stationnary machines
  • Semi-mobile machines that can be transported on a trailer using four hydraulic legs
  • Mobile machines with built-in trailer capability.

Following its worldwide success (Akros Henschel has sold CIV 600-8 machines in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North Africa), Akros Henschel presented its new generation of 600-tonne press-wing shears at the ‘Nouvelles Matières Premières’ (new raw materials) Symposium organised by FEDEREC (French recycling federation) in Tours.

Akros Henschel has maintained the concept of a choice between two types of drive system and three versions, but now offers its customers 600-tonne press-wing shears with a boldly innovative design and improved performance characteristics, incorporating all the benefit of its experience in the field.

Main features of the new CIV 600-8:

  • Increased production thanks to a true 600-tonne cutting capacity at 350 bars and a 6-metre preparation box,
  • Easier maintenance thanks to a centralised hydraulic system,
  • Better ergonomics thanks to easily-accessible preventive maintenance points requiring no special tools,
  • Less noise thanks to better soundproofing,
  • Longer working life because of the robust design and better protection of machine components,
  • Enhanced safety through centralised controls and machine status indicators on the operating terminals,
  • Drive system compliant with the latest European standards, allowing operation at very high temperatures.

The very first of these new 600-tonne CIV 600-8 press-wing shears was delivered to the PAPREC recycling company (at its site in Montardon) right after the end of the show.

Akros Henschel’s core business is the development, building, and servicing of machines designed specifically for recycling steel and metals, and it offers continually strengthened ranges of shears, balers, pre-shredders and shredders to meet the ever-growing requirements of its customers.

CIV 600-8L DM Pskovtormet



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