Akros Henschel, tradition and innovation for scrap metal recovery

The Franco-German company Akros-Henschel is celebrating this year  the 200th  anniversary of  Henschel brand. It was indeed in 1810 when Carl Anton Henschel founded at his place the first Henschel foundery, In Kassel , a town located  in the centre of Germany.

A long industrial road, after the airplanes, railways and military equipment, led the Company Akros-Henschel to the manufacturing of machines for processing scrap metal  meant to  steel plants and recycling companies. These equipment turned out to be reliable and productive all over the world. In 2007, the range was completed with AKROS presses and shears, with mobile versions, and a more economic-manufacturing quantities oriented production.


AKROS-HENSCHEL provides  at the time being a wide range of equipment for the valorization of scrap metal:

  • from 500 to 2000 T cutting force Hydraulic shears
  • single, double or triple compression baling presses
  • flatteners
  • double or triple axles pre-shredders
  • horizontal shredders and grinder-mills

Thanks to the trust of big international customers we are thus going to deliver two 1250T-shears to the big Russian group Severstal which already owns 5 Akros-Henschel branded machines; a 1000T to the Chinese steel company WISCO; and three 1000 shears to the European Scrap Metal European Recycling Company TSR.

Akros-Henchel keeps developing internationally in order to be present worldwide, and keen on innovation keeps on improving its wide range of equipment in adapting it to new eco-friendly markets, new environmental energetic and safety constraints. .


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