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CIB 1400-10L shear baler

Shear-balers with side compression box of CIB type are developed to complete our range of hydraulic shears with continuous feeding and press wings shears. These machines remain the most adapted shears to process heavy and bulky scrap metal. Scraps are unloaded into a side pre-compression box. The side reducer and the lid of this box reduce the scraps to the shearing section. Scraps are then pushed towards the shearing head by a pusher ram. These shears allow a quite accurate adjustment of the shearing length.


ManufacturerDanieli Centro Recycling
ModelCIB 1400-10L
Shearing ram force1400T
Cutting width1000mm
Clamping force400T
Side compression force2x300T
Lid force2x300T
Feeding box dimensions10 x 2,5 m
Total installed power550 kW (6 units of 90 kW)
Equipment listOn request