• DRS – Shredder castings & wear parts

DRS – Shredder castings & wear parts

Danieli Riverside Products manufactures a comprehensive line of proprietary shredder alloy castings armor plate, spider, disc, barrel and hybrid rotor assemblies. Our engineers analyse each customer’s current operation, from the infeed process through take-away, and design a comprehensive package specific to each application.

Danieli Riverside Products’ most recent development is the introduction of its new Carbon Series line of products. An industry breakthrough resulting from a  development programme over a number of years, Carbon Series products incorporate a unique carbon alloy formulation and specialized manufacturing process. Our Carbon Series rotors, hammers and spider caps have revolutionized the life expectancy of metal shredding wear parts, while simultaneously increasing total material throughput and resulting in a higher quality shred.

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We manufacture a full spectrum of high strength alloy and manganese hammers to accommodate all shredding applications. From standard cast alloy and manganese steel hammers designed as direct OEM replacements to the revolutionary Carbon Series providing the longest life cycle of any hammer in the industry.



Danieli Riverside Products created the original end disc cap that is now the standard in the industry. Offering superior durability in design and proprietary steel alloy content, DRS’ new Carbon Series spider cap offers the longest wear life of any cap in the industry. Our spider caps are available in T-Cap and Helmet Cap designs for both custom and OEM replacement applications.

Our end disc cap’s patented design offers maximum coverage and protection.

Cast from a specially formulated hardened alloy and secured by high strength pins, Danieli Riverside Products end disc caps significantly improve the life expectancy of the rotor’s end discs.


Liner packages

High quality abrasion resistant liner packages for all popular OEM model machines in addition to custom configurations designed to a customer’s specific requirements.



Our grates are cast in high strength manganese formulations and custom engineered to maximize shred output. Specialized design characteristics of the shape & size of the pass through holes and precise hammer-anvil angles optimize the final shred quality from a variety of materials.


High strength alloy and manganese anvils are designed to be direct OEM replacements. Upper and lower units are custom engineered to provide increased performance to specific shredding applications.