Take advantage of the speed and expertise of our technicians to optimise the availability of your equipment and improve its productivity

Take control over unnecessary expenditure caused by unexpected repairs that affect your budgets. Our technicians will work with you to schedule regular inspections and cover the points necessary for the reliable operation of your equipment.

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Contact our Customer Service department to speak to a technician who will troubleshoot or repair your machines.
> Free assistance
> Top-level mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical technical support
> Remote diagnosis to draw up specific recommendations for corrective measures in real time
> Specialist teams are available all over the world, in your local area
> If necessary, a technician will be dispatched on site to take the required action


Danieli Centro Recycling offers repair and renovation services to suit every component of your machine, whether mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical. With our expertise, we are able to offer optimum repair and renovation services, for a fast and safe return to full productivity.
> Part exchange for the purchase of a new machine
> Installation on a new site
> Turnkey service, from simply dismantling to complete renovation
Return to optimum operation, irrespective of your machine’s age and condition

American scrap industry poised to access the most complete range of scrap processing equipment on the market

Danieli Centro Recycling stirs up American markets with innovation, technology and service! Danieli Centro Recycling may offer a larger portfolio of scrap metal recycling equipment than its competitors but, ... Read more

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