• CIB – Scrap shears with lateral reducer
  • CIB – Scrap shears with lateral reducer
  • CIB – Scrap shears with lateral reducer
  • CIB – Scrap shears with lateral reducer
  • CIB – Scrap shears with lateral reducer
  • CIB – Scrap shears with lateral reducer
  • CIB – Scrap shears with lateral reducer
  • CIB – Scrap shears with lateral reducer

CIB – Scrap shears with lateral reducer

The heavyweight champions: Danieli Henschel scrap shears with lateral pre-compression box come in six box/reducer combinations: two- or three-level box, one- or two-part lid, parallel- or variable-entry-angle reducer!

We are one of the only makers of CIB-type hydraulic scrap shears able to provide a lateral pre-compression box that can travel parallel to the pusher ram or at a variable entry angle. This versatility is a definite asset when the operator comes up against a crush-resistant piece of scrap metal. By approaching the material off-axis, the reducer will compress the material on a smaller surface, increasing the pressure on the piece of scrap metal. The CIB range is ideal for processing heavy and bulky scrap metal, where high densification and productivity are required.

From 800 to 1600 tons of cutting force, specifically designed for heavy-duty processing of heavy and bulky scrap metal, the CIB line of shear-balers can shear up to 98 t/h. High densification and accurate cut length guarantee a high-quality finished product.

Specific advantages

  • Improved shredder production by preparing a homogeneously graded, densified product, reducing shredding time.
  • Heavy-duty series for continuous intensive use
  • High cutting capacity to cut heavy scrap metal
  • Precise cutting length
  • Optional cupola system
  • Three possible box / reducer combinations giving optimum compression for any type of scrap:
    – Two- or three-stage box
    – Standard or extended lid, one-piece or two-piece
    – Parallel or variable entry angle reducer
  • Man/machine dialogue

Working process

  • Automatic shearing operating cycle
  • Direct loading or with skip
  • Manually or automatically controlled pre-compression between a flattening lid and a side reducer, both with over-stroke function
  • Indexing of the shearing and reducing rams by way of magnetostrictive sensors
  • Laser positioning of the ram


  • Improved accessibility
  • Optimised blade replacement phase
  • Simple shearing ram adjustment by excentrics from outside the shear
  • Grouped weekly lubrication points
  • GSM modem or telephone line for telediagnosis


  • Compliant with machine directive 2006/42/EC
  • Maintenance area lockout
  • Hydraulic hose whiplash protection


  • Easy installation, made to suit customer requirements
  • Machine feedback via control cab or bidirectional remote control
  • Human/machine interface via touch screen
  • Shearing cycle to suit your requirements

Hydraulic unit

  • Electric version compliant with the latest European directives
  • Containerisable hydraulic unit
  • Industrial hydraulic pumps

Working life

  • Lid and lateral reducer over-stroke
  • Generously sized guide surfaces
  • Anti-abrasion wear plates

Equipement available

  • Cupola system for more compact waste at the output
  • Extra-lid and Power-S lateral reducer
  • Hydraulic blade holding
  • Automatic lubrication of shearing head and charging box
  • Fully equipped and air conditioned control cab
  • Scrap cleaning system downstream from the shear using a vibrating table and conveyors
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