Danieli Centro Recycling pre shredder turns the heat on flame events

Danieli Centro Recycling’s first pre shredder sale to the UK market is helping to mitigate against shredder flame events, increase productivity, and improve shred quality.

Since installing the ZDS 220-400 at Recycling Lives’ Recycling Park in Preston in February, productivity has increased by as much as 20 per cent. Most significantly, since the inclusion of the pre shredder in the scrap metal process, there have been no recorded flame events. This is significant because, as Legal and Compliance Director Paul Finnerty stated: “As part of Recycling Lives’ on-going programme of continuous improvement, the installation of the pre shredder, and the associated changes to our processes have enabled us to increase productivity, improve the health and safety of our staff, and produce a better quality shredder output.” Recycling Lives also expects that the improvement of the shredding process will enable an extension to its hours of operation.

Although they have the lowest incident record for flame events in the country, Recycling Lives current hours of operation mean that the machine cannot operate after two o’clock in the afternoon. Being permitted to extend activities to 5.30 would enable to process significant additional tonnage each week. This would provide a tremendous boost to its operations, and enable him to deliver even greater social impact.

Finnerty added: “It was important for us to invest in a pre shredder for several reasons – the mitigation of flame events, to prevent power spikes, and to ensure the optimum performance of our shredder. As a result, productivity has increased significantly; we are processing greater tonnages with the shredder, whilst also improving the quality of our shred. This has meant that we are popular with buyers, despite challenging market conditions. Operationally, the shredding process is smoother, which means less power is required, and the shredder is exposed to less wear and tear. These factors lead to an increased efficiency and a reduction in our emissions, whilst also increasing power efficiency.”

Recycling Lives’ successful commercial business sustains a social welfare charity, which helps vulnerable individuals who are facing homelessness to find full-time employment and return to independent living. Charity residents complete a programme of work experience, training, skills development and personal support, whilst living in purpose-built accommodation in Preston. Recycling Lives also operates the Recycling Lives HMP Academy in UK prisons, providing work experience and qualifications for prisoners to prepare them for finding work on release, and to prevent re-offending.

Recycling Lives’ main metals processing site, known as Recycling Lives Recycling Park on Longridge Road in Preston, houses a 160,000 square foot warehouse on a 16-acre site. A significant proportion of the Longridge Road workers have graduated through one or more of the schemes operated by Recycling Lives’ social welfare charity. The charity operates a Six Step programme, which is tailored to the specific needs of each participant, equipping them with the skills and training necessary to gain employment and return to independent living.

Finnerty explained: “We operate a unique business model. The commercial side is here to make a profit, which helps to sustain the activities of the social welfare charity. If you are homeless or workless for a long time, you need to overcome significant challenges just to try and return to a steady footing. This is why it is so important that Recycling Lives offers entry level employment opportunities, which our charity residents and the community’s most disadvantaged, can benefit from in their journey back to independent living.” And added: “A lot of the guys start initially on picking and dismantling lines and then, if they show themselves to be hard workers and have an aptitude, we give them the opportunity to take forklift truck and plant machinery qualifications, which enables them to build their careers if they wish. These excellent opportunities to return to independent living are only made possible by the continued success of our commercial activities.”

The ZDS 220-400 pre-processes all the material destined for the shredder plant and is capable of managing up to 60 tonnes per hour. Finnerty described the Danieli Centro Recycling reputation as a key factor in Recycling Lives’ choice of machine, adding that tonnages, lead times and flexibility all played a part. “We looked at other machines; we were looking for a robust piece of kit which was tailored to suit our specification while also being able to keep up with the tonnage that we deal with. Danieli was able to meet these requirements, and also reassure us in terms of guarantees that the machine was going to be working effectively for years to come.”

Aftercare is a key component of the Danieli Centro Recycling pitch. Any company thinking of investing in a pre-shredder should seriously consider the support package on offer. Stand-alone equipment such as pre shredders and balers include a lot of specialist components and circuits that require expert assistance in case of problems. We offered Recycling Lives four inspections per year, over a four-year period, which exceeds the standard deal offered elsewhere.

Our ZDS 220-400 pre shredder would alleviate flame events and problems caused by unshreddable parts. Making use of a pre-shredder produces a very homogenous material and takes a lot of responsibility away from the operators who are feeding the machine. This, in turn, results in less safety issues. The removal of unshreddables and explosions also means less stoppages and a reduction in casting damage inside the shredder.

With Danieli Centro Recycling pre-shredders still in production 30 years after commissioning, the robustness of the design is undisputed. Separate adjustable shaft speeds and an independent shaft drive system set the ZDS range apart from the competition. Unlike other systems, the top and bottom rollers of the DCR machine operate with different motor pumps, allowing the machine to automatically change speed depending on the torque required. Meanwhile, separate hydraulic motors and gearboxes on each rotor shaft give specific torque for each individual rotor.

An easier shaft access – via hydraulic opening of the upper housing – allows for quick, simple, and safe maintenance when welding is required on the teeth. This is unique to Danieli Centro Recycling; any of our competitors offer this.

Shaft bearings are lubricated for life, and the compact hydraulic power unit assembly comes on its own frame. Meanwhile, automation has taken a huge step forward with the incorporation of the Henschel Electronic Advanced Design system (HEAD). The software has been developed in collaboration with Danieli Automation; it allows remote access to the machine. HEAD is a machine data reading interface, so it gives 100 per cent web accessibility from any computer, tablet or smartphone, showing actual machine history, production statistics, calculations, monitoring… It also gives technicians from Danieli Henschel the opportunity to diagnose faults.

Overall, the machine facilitates shredding with less effort which, in turn, reduces electrical demand. Due to less wear on shredder consumables, we calculate that anvils and castings will last significantly longer and, without peaks caused by heavy material in the shredder, noise levels will also be reduced.

Looking to the future, DCR has also secured a two-year order for the consumables on the Recycling Lives shredder plant. Working with Recycling Lives and understanding its ethos has been a great privilege. We strongly believe that, as flame events become more of a focus for recyclers, pre-shredders will become an indispensable tool in the shredding process. Although we already have shredders installed across the country, our first UK pre-shredder project is a notable event, and an important reference point for Danieli Centro Recycling in the UK.

Paul Finnerty concluded: “Working with Danieli was a really smooth process and we are confident that the pre shredder will prove to be of significant benefit to our business.

“The volume of investment that has been put in place during a period of recession is really something to be proud of. In just seven years, we have not only bought this site; we have also purchased a large shredder and pre shredder. These have been significant outlays, but we have chosen to invest in our infrastructure and improve the efficiency of our processes, in order to safeguard the business for all involved, for the next 20 years.”



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