Danieli Centro Recycling innovates in shredder automation10 April 2017

Novelis experiences
energy saving on shredding lines

The decoating line controls the demand of shredded material; When the layout configuration considers in-line continuous feeding, multiple starts and and stops of shredder motor and downstream occur.

Danieli Automation MV Drives are the perfect choice as AC/DC converters & multi-drive DC link inverters arrangement. By installing our Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drive system, both current and power are widely below nominal values.


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Danieli Centro Recycling ’s broad range drives lean processing08 March 2017

Danieli Henshel preshredder

Over the last seven years, Danieli Centro Recycling (DCR) has exploded on to the recycling scene with a comprehensive array of metals processing equipment.

Famous for its innovation in the steel mill industry, Danieli brings tried and tested technology such as automation to scrap metal engineering. The range covers everything from shears, balers, shredders and pre-shredders to rotors, hammers, other wear parts and spares.

At a time when price ...

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Danieli Centro Recycling automation brings can-do innovation to Novelis’ flagship aluminium recycling facility19 July 2016

Shredder with end-cap rotor

Automation developed by Danieli Centro Recycling has streamlined shredder productivity at Novelis’ new, state of the art recycling facility in Nachterstedt, Germany.

The 400,000 metric ton capacity aluminium recycling plant is the largest and most advanced in the world. Danieli Centro Recycling has designed and supplied three shredder lines, two of which ...

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Danieli Centro Recycling pre shredder turns the heat on flame events12 July 2016

Recycling Lives

Danieli Centro Recycling’s first pre shredder sale to the UK market is helping to mitigate against shredder flame events, increase productivity, and improve shred quality.

Since installing the ZDS 220-400 at Recycling Lives’ Recycling Park in Preston in February, productivity has increased by as much as 20 per cent. Most significantly, since the inclusion of the pre shredder in the scrap metal process, there have been no recorded ...

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Worldsteel releases its short-range outlook for 2016-201709 May 2016

Liquid steel

Association predicts a 0.8 percent decline in global steel demand for 2016 and growth of 0.4 percent in 2017.

The World Steel Association (Worldsteel), headquartered in Brussels, has released its short-range outlook (SRO) for 2016 and 2017, forecasting that global steel demand will decrease by 0.8 percent to 1,488 million metric tons in 2016 following a contraction of 3 percent in 2015. In 2017, it is forecast that world steel demand ...

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Successful revamping for DCR 2727 (6000Hp) shredder plant with integrated metal recovery systems14 April 2016


At Metal and Waste Recycling, United Kingdom   

In late 2015 Metal and Waste one of the top 3 metal recycling companies in UK, awarded Danieli Lynxs a contract to upgrade and revamp the existing DCR2727 (6000Hp) shredder and downstream. The plant has been in operation since 2005. Metal & Waste Recycling specialises in the recycling of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ...

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Danieli Centro Recycling shear makes the cut in Washington18 March 2016

Steve Middelthon - Super Salvage

Danieli Centro Recycling has secured a landmark deal with the last scrap yard operating out of Washington DC.

September 2016 will see the company’s CIV 1380 press wing shear in action at the new Super Salvage site in the US capital. Danieli Henschel Sales Director Eric Fromont says the sale was ...

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Gerdau invests approximately $10 million in non-ferrous scrap separation system04 February 2016

GERDAU steel mill 1

WHITBY, Canada, Feb. 1, 2016 – Steelmaker Gerdau, one of the largest recyclers in North America, and Danieli Centro Recycling, one of the largest suppliers of equipment to the metal industry, are partnering on a $10 million project to upgrade the non-ferrous scrap separation system at Gerdau’s steel mill in Whitby, Ontario. Planning for the project is currently underway with construction slated to begin in the first half ...

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Shear upgrade boosts productivity09 October 2015

Scrap shear Danieli Henschel CIB 1400-10 at Sell & Parker, Darwin

Increased capacity, lower production costs and a better quality product have all resulted from the installation of Danieli Henschel CIB 1400 shears at Sell and Parker’s sites in Australia. In addition to transforming the production process, the machines have helped to reduce the need for costly on site staffing requirements at the company’s most remote locations.

When Ross Parker launched Sell and Parker in 1966, the company operated out ...

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Danieli Riverside Carbon Series alloy outclasses competition by doubling capacity – Shredder rotor & wear parts07 September 2015

Danieli Riverside Product rotor

Danieli Riverside’s specialist alloy shredding equipment is outperforming the industry standard, with more than twice the wear life.

The Carbon Series hammers and caps, which hit the market in 2012, are consistently providing customers with tonnages of at least double their previous capacity. One user reported figures of 11,000 tons per set of hammers, while caps are operating for up to 120,000 tons.


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Spotlight on the Compact 800 shear30 July 2015

Compact Shear Danieli Henschel

On July 3rd, under a blazing sun, Danieli Henschel and Sita Vignier invited twenty or so French recycling waste handlers to Chambery to discover the new Danieli Henschel Compact 800 scrap shear.

The Compact 800 is a horizontally operating machine with an 800t shearing capacity. Equally adapted to light, mid-weight or heavy scrap metal, it offers productivity of 3 to 5 t ...

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Danieli Henschel is installing scrap shear at the CERN25 July 2015

CERN shear baler CIV 600-8L SP

The European Organisation for Nuclear Research is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious scientific laboratories.

It focuses on fundamental physics, probing the components and the laws of the Universe, using extremely complex scientific instruments to study the basic constituents of matter: the fundamental particles. By studying what happens when these particles collide, physicists learn more about the laws of nature. Around 14 000 employees work on the CERN ...

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Lack of scrap, a recurring theme at last BIR Ferrous Division meeting02 June 2015

IDC scrap shear

The World Steel Association’s Director General Dr Edwin Basson declared himself to be “quite positive about the health of the steel industry” and about the steel markets’ ability to adapt. But as for a buoyant future for the sector, he told the BIR Ferrous Division meeting in Dubai on May 18: “I can’t guarantee that.”

He made these comments in direct response to Tom Bird of UK-based Mettalis Recycling who, in ...

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State-of-the-art shredder plant at INSUNMOTOR, South Korea02 April 2015

DCR 2227 automobile shredder

The depth of experience shared by the Danieli Centro Recycling teams continue to bring extensive benefits for clients around the world. INSUNMOTOR Co. Ltd is based in Seoul, South Korea, and enjoys a reputation for being a highly successful and pioneering waste-processing and management company. With new legislation emerging to ensure controlled and environmentally sound recycling of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) in South Korea, INSUNMOTOR saw an important opportunity to ...

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Danieli Riverside Products guarantees longevity and delivers cost savings with successful rotor refurbishment programme30 March 2015

DRS rotor refurbishment

Based in Iowa, US, Danieli Riverside (DRS) joined the wider Danieli Centro Recycling group in 2013. As the world’s most prolific manufacturer of shredder rotor assemblies and shredder wear parts, it is the only company in the US offering written guarantees for refurbished rotors, and also holds 14 current US patents. In 2015, DRS hit a record of 1,200 rotors shipped since the company’s inception, with three major refurbishment ...

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Grinder mill: the best way to obtain a high quality scrap12 March 2015

BMH Cooling scrap Danieli Henschel grinder mills

Iron and steel industry looks for more and more metal products coming from the recovery of scrap. It considers that part of this collected matter must be of an optimal quality for better controlling the steel manufacturing process. A kind of scrap, called "cooling scrap" is often used in this process.

How is this kind of scrap characterized?

How does ...

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The treatment of scrap material from nuclear decommissioning19 January 2015

The number of nuclear power stations that have been in use for 40 years will reach a peak in 2015 (Ref.: IAEA, Nuclear Power Reactors in the World, April 1999). Levels will remain high between 2015 and 2025, increasing the number of decommissioning projects, something also influenced by national policy decisions and economic factors.

The primary objective of dismantling is to restore the site, as far as possible, to ...

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Steel titans Tosyali and Danieli Centro Recycling team up to conquer Algeria08 January 2015

Tosyali Electric Arc Furnace

Two of the steel industry’s most influential players have combined forces to storm new markets.

The sale of Danieli Lynxs’ DCR 2227 shredder to Turkish giant Tosyali’s plant in Oran, Algeria, marks the first partnership between recycling equipment manufacturer and steelmaker Danieli Centro Recycling and Turkey’s largest private iron and steelmaker.

The Oran site produces over one million tonnes of liquid steel per year from its electrical furnace. ...

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Professionalisation of the shipbreaking industry21 December 2014

scrap processing NGO Shipbreaking Platform statistics

Statistics provided by the NGO, Shipbreaking Platform, in its latest annual report, confirm the importance of South-Asia, China and Turkey in end-of-life ship dismantling.

Even though the location of demolition remains unknown for one vessel in five (An Econometric Analysis of Market Dynamics and Industry Trends Sabine Knapp1, Shashi N. Kumar2 and Anna Bobo Remijn3 Econometric Institute, Erasmus ...

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Steel master Danieli Centro Recycling forges historic route to China29 November 2014

VALUDA DCR 6290 automobile shredder

European steel expert Danieli Centro Recycling has forged a path to new markets, securing its first shredder sale in China.

With a factory and service department already established in Shanghai, the sale of the DCR 6290 to the Valuda Group marks a new phase for the company, bringing 25 years of experience and European quality engineering to the emerging Chinese scrap processing industry.

Engineering Group Leader Terry Keyworth said ...

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UK metals firm invests in Danieli Centro Recycling equipment to buck trends and double capacity02 October 2014

Danieli Henschel shear baler CIB 1250-10 EnableLink 1

While global markets stalled in the last decade, UK scrap firm EnableLink accelerated exponentially, doubling capacity in just one year with the help of a new shear, supplied by Danieli Henschel.

The company cites investment in new equipment, old-fashioned values and a unique product as the recipe for success. General Manager Charlie Penn explained: “In 2013, we invested in a Danieli Henschel shear, which has changed the face of the ...

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Important recognition for recycling industry at Basel Convention meeting24 September 2014

The recycling industry last week won the right to play a full part in a Basel Convention group designated to discuss cross-border transport rules for non-functional, used electrical and electronic equipment that is not normally considered waste.

At the ninth meeting of the Open-Ended Working Group of the Basel Convention (OEWG-9) in Geneva, BIR’s Environmental & Technical Director Ross Bartley demanded that the recycling industry was put on an equal footing ...

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Press wings shears take off18 June 2014

Press-wings 600 tons

The Brangé Environnement group reaffirms its trust in Danieli Henschel

2014 will be a good year in the French and Swiss markets for Danieli Henschel and its range of press wing shears – this year the complete range of press-wing shears made in Chambéry can be found in both countries.

First, the CIV 600-8, the entry-level model in terms of power, has just been delivered to RETRIPA VALAIS in Switzerland, while the same type of ...

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Danieli Henschel has signed Service Agreement with POLIPASO Company from Katowice / Poland03 June 2014

We are pleased to inform about significant enforcement of after sales activities for our Polish Customers. On June 2-nd, 2014, negotiations at our office in Kassel / Germany with POLIPASO Company, concerning establishing authorized service and spare parts outlet came to an end. POLIPASO’s field of responsibility will include execution of all after- and warranty repairs, other service activities, assembly and commissioning supervision of new machines, authorized by Danieli Henschel. ...

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New patented POWER-S system: tough and smart!02 June 2014


DANIELI HENSCHEL, the leading manufacturer of scrap metal processing equipment for both the steel industry and scrap metal dealers, is proud to present its latest technical innovation, the patented POWER-S system developed for its heavy-duty CIB shear range.

The range includes shears with cutting strengths ranging from 800 to 1,600 tons. Each comes equipped with a lateral precompression box 6, 8 or 10 meters long and features an articulated lid and lateral reducer on ...

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Belvtorchermet inaugurates its new scrap metal processing site in Belarus24 January 2014

Belvtorchermet shear-balers

Belarusian Wikipedia tells us that “Urechcha is a village located in the Liuban area of Minsk Province, Republic of Belarus. It lies 18 km north-west of Liuban and 140 km from Minsk. The first known record of the existence of Urechcha dates back to 1635. Its main activity is agriculture.” Nobody could have imagined that this little village in the back of beyond would become southern Belarus’s main scrap metal ...

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Two new 1250-t shears commissioned at SEVERSTAL15 January 2014

Danieli Henschel scrap shear CIB Severstal

The first of two CIB 1250-10 SV shears (with conveyors and magnetic separator) installed at ZAO SEVERSTAL's Balakovo site has passed on-load tests with flying colours.

The machine, the first element of the factory's scrap metal recycling facility, satisfied the requirements imposed by the customer. "This project was a real challenge for us, and it was important to complete it successfully. ...

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Danieli Henschel delivers a briquetting press to Inchermet07 January 2014

Danieli Henschel briquetting presses

The Russian company INCHERMET, which already owns four Danieli Henschel machines, has commissioned a new briquetting press, thus receiving its fifth Danieli Henschel-brand machine.


For many months, INCHERMET struggled with a deluge of ever-increasing quantities of metal chips – up to 500 tons per month. Eventually, the company decided to invest in new equipment, once ...

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One more contract in radioactive scrap processing for DANIELI HENSCHEL12 December 2013

The CERN buildings amongst the surrounding countryside.

The CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research, decided to place a contract with DANIELI HENSCHEL for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a press shear system for the CERN Radioactive Waste Treatment Center at the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva.

With this new contract, DANIELI HENSCHEL confirms its position of leader and international expert for the design & manufacturing of scrap processing equipment for radioactive scrap. The confirmation of this new ...

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RMB COV reduction Danieli environment

A new, Danieli-patented system for gas cleaning and controlling Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions was commissioned successfully this year.

The innovative solution achieved all project targets, with total VOC emissions lower than 5 mg/Nm3, proving this new technology position as the new benchmark for dedusting systems for automotive recycling.

The shredder at RMB treats a mixed feedstock of scrap, including compacted vehicles; for this reason the fume-treatment plant was required to treat volatile organic compounds ...

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A huge success for Danieli Henschel in the high-capacity shear sector02 October 2013

CIB-1600-15L-TOSCELIK scrap recycling scrap shears

No fewer than ten machines being built!

Singapore is famous for its tropical heat, ultra-modern buildings, and cosmopolitan society — but many people are unaware that it also has a steel industry. Natsteel, a subsidiary of the Tata Steel group, has been operating in the western part of the island since 1961. It produces more than 2 million tonnes of steel annually, making a major contribution to the breathtakingly fast growth ...

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After Porsche and BMW, Danieli Henschel presses package scrap metal at Renault06 September 2013


After more than three years of successful operation on the BMW site in Regensburg, Germany, European recycling equipment manufacturer Danieli Henschel confirms its position as a favoured partner in the automotive industry with the installation of a new triple compression press at RENAULT. By processing its manufacturing waste in this way, the RENAULT Group is putting the emphasis on recycling secondary raw materials and protecting the environment.


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600 tons mobile shear – UK Demo Tour Kick-off21 June 2013

UK mobile shear-balers for metal scrap recycling

DANIELI HENSCHEL has started the UK demo tour with its 600 t mobile shear baler. With courtesy of Roy Millard of Enablelink the new generation of DANIELI HENSCHEL’s mobile shear was presented to interested customers last week. Numerous representatives of scrap recycling companies have taken the opportunity to receive first hand information about the latest improvements implemented into the well proven design of the machine. The performance capacity was demonstrated ...

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Danieli Centro Recycling strengthens its position in the recycling market30 May 2013

Danieli Group’s “Danieli Centro Recycling” division strengthens its position as a leading supplier of complete plants and equipment for the metals industry worldwide with several recent successful projects:

> Danieli Centro Recycling has been awarded a contract to supply three DCR 1822 aluminium shredding recycling lines, including the downstream process, to Novelis Nachterstedt, Germany. Novelis is one of ...

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Danieli NanoMill 指明了未来的发展方向27 May 2013

"发展中国家的许多小型钢厂都在苦苦挣扎,因为他们没有欧洲众所周知的废金属回收管理,” Danieli Centro Met Swiss 总经理,Bernard Villemin ...

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Danieli NanoMill points the way to the future27 May 2013


“Many small steel plant operations in developing countries are struggling because there is no such thing as scrap recycling management as we know it in Europe,” says Bernard Villemin, managing director of Danieli Centro Met Swiss. Players in the Middle East and the Far East, for example, have been running into this obstacle. “The main problem for them is obtaining scrap from ...

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Danieli acquires Riverside Products, Inc26 April 2013

World renowned Italian steel and engineering company Danieli & C Officine Meccaniche S.p.A. has added to its recycling product portfolio with the strategic share buy-out of Riverside Products, Inc. The deal will see Danieli take control of primary facilities in Bettendorf IA, USA and satellite operations in UK & China. The on-going business will adopt the name Danieli Riverside Products.

With annual revenues in excess of €3.0 billion, Danieli ...

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2013: Mobility Year at Danieli Henschel (up to 960 tonnes, too!)29 March 2013


At Danieli Henschel, our strategy is clear. To be a Full-liner and offer recycling companies all the equipment they need for the processing of scrap metal.

Danieli Henschel has its headquarters in Chambéry (France). It joined Italian group Danieli in 2012, at which time it already offered a wide range of:

> Scrap shears with lateral box, from 800 to 1600 tonnes

> Scrap shears with press wings, from 600 to 1250 tonnes

> ...

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Shear your costs!12 December 2012

Since 1950, Danieli Henschel has been designing and manufacturing hydraulic shears adapted to its customers’ requirements all around the world. Their shears have been known to be reliable as regards efficiency and durability. Once more Danieli Henschel is responding to customers changing needs by proposing the OPTIMA+ ®, a new version of hydraulic shears more cost-effective and adapted to the client competitive market.

With a choice of three ...

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INTERPIPE GROUP CORP. & DANIELI HENSCHEL: A successful cooperation15 November 2012

CIV 600-8LI scrap shear Interpipe

The Dnepropetrovsk NTRP mill is dedicated to the production of seamless pipes for the oil, gas and power industries. This plant also produces pipes for machinery as well as pipes for industrial application and railway wheels and tyres. Scientific Production Group INTERPIPE Corp. is one of the largest private companies in Ukraine. Since 1990 the group is active in various branches of economy such as metallurgy, row materials and machinery. ...

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HEAD: Danieli Henschel takes the innovation bend in head!22 October 2012

DANIELI HENSCHEL now offers its clients a new interface to know and to more accurately assess the performance of their machines. This interface, called HEAD "Henschel Electronic Advanced Design" is available to the operator via a secure website. It may thus regularly consult the history of the machine, data records hydraulic, thermal, production and maintenance.

The interface is also able to adjust ...

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DISMANTLING OF FORMER RUSSIAN NUCLEAR SUBMARINES: DANIELI HENSCHEL know-how for a contract under high control!20 June 2012


This is a very special version of baling shear that just be tested in our plant in Kassel, Germany. This is indeed capable to shear steel sheets up to 9 cm thick. Another of its features is a system of dust extraction overkill, purifying the air by a system of filters. “This baling shear is fully integrated into a full installation of nuclear waste management,” says the engineer ...

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Danieli Henschel participates in the REW 2012 in Istanbul09 June 2012


The first day of the exhibition brought some interesting contacts with Turkish customers as well as potential clients from the Middle East. Highlight of the day was the visit of a business delegation of the state of Hessen including the minister of economics of Hessen, Mr. Rensch. The delegation used their stay for a meeting with the partner region Bursa to meet exhibiting companies from Hessen. Minister Rensch received a ...

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BIR 2012 – DANIELI LYNXS sponsor of the welcome Evening29 May 2012

This year, DANIELI LYNXS is the Diamond Sponsor of the 2012 World Recycling Convention & Exhibition (BIR 2012). Delegates, guests and spouses are invitedto the BIR Welcome Evening in the Villa Miani, offering one of the most stunning view in Rome.

You can meet the team of DANIELI LYNXS and DANIELI HENSCHEL in the hospitality area in our hospitality booth or in the exhibition area ...

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IFAT 2012 in Munich07 May 2012


After the acquisition of AKROS HENSCHEL by the DANIELI GROUP, the IFAT Trade Show is the first occasion to appear with our new brand name DANIELI HENSCHEL. Worldwide visitors coming to the IFAT international ...

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Following the purchase in late 2010 of LYNXS Shredders, world renowned Italian steel and engineering company Danieli & C Officine Meccaniche S.p.A. based in Buttrio, Italy has added to its recycling product portfolio with the strategic share buy-out of Akros Henschel SAS, a world leader in hydraulic scrap shears, balers, pre-shredders and vertical grinders. Since 1970 Akros Henschel businesses have delivered more than 450 large scrap processing machines worldwide. The ...

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Scrap metal: preshred to prevent the smell of burning!27 February 2012

The Akros Henschel pre-shredder is the most recent tool to be installed at Rossi Recyclage’s scrap metal site in the south of France. Why invest in a pre-shredder? How do you depreciate such an investment? To these questions, the head of Rossi Recycling, not known for his retiring nature, gives a whole raft of answers. And the most interesting of all was: “Bringing this pre-shredder into service is a step ...

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Focus on the Polish market17 January 2012

CIV scrap shear Centrozlom Poland

After around ten years in an automotive engineering agency and as Customer Support Manager for GM Poland, Stanislaw Wolkowicz has successfully managed the marketing of Henschel machines since 1993. In spite of the crisis that hit the steel industry during the nineties, Mr. Wolkowicz persevered and remained with Henschel. Mr. Wolkowicz currently represents the Akros Henschel group on the Polish market.

Poland is mainly equipped with old shears and with an ...

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New preshredder in the south of France…06 November 2011

ZDS rossi pre shredder

In October, the Akros Henschel preshredder purchased by Rossi Récupération shredded its first bales and ELVs.

Following its 2009 acquisition of Akros Henschel CIC 1110 inclined scrap shear, Rossi Récupération demonstrated its continued trust in Akros Henschel by investing in a ZDS 220-400 double-shaft preshredder and a CMO 2216-22 swivelling conveyor specifically designed and manufactured by Akros Henschel.

The ZDS 220-400 preshredder has been installed upstream from the recently acquired shredder, and ...

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RWM 2011 Exhibition Birmingham06 October 2011

Together with our agent ESEL we had a stand in Birmingham. During this three days event we had numerous discussions. Besides well-known customers we could welcome several new contacts at our stand. Our participation has considerably contributed to improve the awareness of Akros Henschel in the UK, especially amongst small and medium size companies.

Next activities: BIR Autumn Session in Munich, BDSV annual meeting in Mainz and VSMR meeting in Bern.


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600-tonne press-wing shears: AKROS HENSCHEL presents a new version!14 June 2011

CIV 600-8L DT scrap shear Paprec

Akros Henschel CIV 600-8 press-wing shears, a favourite tool of scrap recyclers all over the world, had a springtime facelift in 2011!

For almost ten years now, Akros Henschel has been offering its customers a wide range of 600-tonne press-wing shears with a choice of two drive systems (electric and diesel) and three main versions:

Stationnary machines

Semi-mobile machines that ...

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Turkey opens its doors to AKROS HENSCHEL26 April 2011


Izmir Demir Celik Sanayi A.S. is a major Turkish steelworks, a subsidiary of Şahin-Koç Inc., with annual production of 1,320,000 tonnes of billets and 900,000 tonnes of concrete reinforcing rods. Following on from its investments in 2006 and 2007 aimed at improving quality, productivity, and the technology used, IDC chose Akros Henschel to supply lateral compression hydraulic scrap shears for its scrap metal processing requirements. This strategic decision means that ...

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Shipment to China19 April 2011

Wisco scrap baler loading to China

Just recently one of the biggest scrap baling presses available has started its way to its destination in China. The heavy parts were a specific challenge for the transport to Hamburg. For the loading onboard a special was necessary. But the good cooperation of all involved parties ensured a trouble free workflow. At its destination in Wuhan this machine will support the biggest baling press ever supplied by Akros Henschel ...

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Pre-shredders: AKROS HENSCHEL has well and truly established itself on the high-power pre-shredder market!24 March 2011

Danieli Henschel double shaft preshredder

Thanks to Henschel’s extensive experience in the field of triple-shaft pre-shredders, Akros Henschel can now offer its clients in the metal and scrap metal recycling industries a complete range of double- and triple-shaft pre-shredders.

A pre-shredder is an indispensable machine that, when installed upstream of a shredder, allows users to:

increase the shredder’s productivity due to the homogenization of incoming material,

reduce the shredder’s average and peak electricity consumption levels,

reduce the number of ...

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REW Istambul 201102 March 2011

Meet us at the 7th international Recycling, Environmental Technologies and Waste Management trade fare.

8 - 11 June 2011

Tüyap Fair & Congress Center , Istambul - Turkey

More info at

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Baling presses: AKROS HENSCHEL positions itself as the market leader!28 January 2011

Akros Henschel remains the unquestionable scrap metal recyclers’ and steel factories partner. With single, double and triple acting presses producing bales with final pressures ranging from 45 to 560 daN/cm3, Akros Henschel offers the widest range of baling presses on the market.

The latest sales of 4 very big baling presses through the Akros Henschel office in China and its distributors ...

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BDSV annual conference17 November 2010

From 17 to 19 November 2010, Akros Henschel is participating at the annual BDSV conference in the Maritim Hotel, Bonn / Germany.

More information on

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New range of shears Akros Henschel: The quiet revolution06 October 2010

700 tons scrap shear Danieli Henschel

Between Henchel, the top-ranked manufacturer of  bulky shears with side-compression box and two or three levels and pushers and Akros developing three different sorts of shears with wings, inclined or traditional, a lot of tenacity , patience and attention have been necessary to develop a new range of shears.

The German thoroughness and quality were confronted to the analysis of the ...

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Pre-shredders10 September 2010

ZDS productivité

Akros Henshel is going to deliver this year a 800-Kw  pre-shredder to GDE for its working site in Limay, upstream from a 6000 HP-shredder.

The Franco- German manufacturer is a market leader in this specific field which experiences a new development owing to the latest evolution of environmental standards.

As a matter of fact the pre-shredder is often upstream from  a shredder for the fragmentation of bales and ELV. It enables to ...

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Akros Henschel, tradition and innovation for scrap metal recovery20 July 2010

The Franco-German company Akros-Henschel is celebrating this year  the 200th  anniversary of  Henschel brand. It was indeed in 1810 when Carl Anton Henschel founded at his place the first Henschel foundery, In Kassel , a town located  in the centre of Germany.

A long industrial road, after the airplanes, railways and military equipment, led the Company Akros-Henschel to the manufacturing of machines for processing scrap metal  meant to  steel plants and ...

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Two more contracts for AKROS HENSCHEL!21 November 2009

In the market of metal and scrap metal recycling, the German based company AKROS HENSCHEL GmbH, in Kassel, has just signed two major contracts.

China: the steelmaker WISCO, (10th steel mill worldwide) has ordered the very big baler type PTC 2175 for delivery in July 2010. This machine weighs more than 200 tons. It produces bales of 75x60 cm section.

Germany: the TSR group has already entrusted AKROS HENSCHEL for the supply ...

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Danieli. Plants and equipment for the steel industry

Danieli Team mission is to serve Customers with competitive plant and process technology/automation to produce quality at the lowest depreciation and production cash costs and offer efficient after-sale service. The technology spectrum and relevant process know-how provided by our Product Lines, the well-known tendency towards innovation and high reliability are the best guarantees in reaching this target.

DANIELI - Via Nazionale, 41 - 33042 Buttrio (UD) Italy

(39) 0432.1958111