Danieli Centro Recycling innovates in shredder automation

The decoating line controls the demand of shredded material; When the layout configuration considers in-line continuous feeding, multiple starts and and stops of shredder motor and downstream occur.

Danieli Automation MV Drives are the perfect choice as AC/DC converters & multi-drive DC link inverters arrangement. By installing our Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drive system, both current and power are widely below nominal values.

Our MV drive solution is:

 Flexible: Motor starting/stopping curve is configurable on Customer needs and could be adjusted from pulpit HMI.

 Smart: Easy motor start-up on weak networks.

 Energy saver: It is possible to save energy by decreasing motor speed during idling periods.

 Safe: Rotor stopping time it is reduced from approx. 30 to 5…10 minutes.

 Mechanical stress reducer: By controlling motor torque it is possible to reduce motor/rotor mechanical stress during starting and processing.

MV VSD feeder – Start-up trends

Both current and power are widely below nominal values – Start-up time is configurable

Capture d’écran 2017-04-10 à 10.38.07

MV VSD feeder – Production trends

With a configurable torque limit, the motor torque never exceed set limit. Both current and power are limited according to the torque limit.

 as a result, no overload on network and a reduced mechanical stress on your shredder

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MV VSD – Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drive features

Network impact during motor starting and during load > Small voltage drop during starting, motor started with rated current from drive, the absorbed current is almost active

Number of allowed motor startings > no limitations as the motor is started with rated current with mild ramp

Fluid coupling for offload starting & restarting > not needed

Motor type > MV motor (6kV ac) in IC411 cooling arrangement

Energy saving with machine idling > the motor speed could be reduced when machine operates without load

Braking during stopping > braking with motor losses will achieve controlled 5… 10 minutes stopping time (versus typ 30 min. of coast stopping)

Transformer size (based on 100% kW motor ratings) > 160 % (MV/MV – inside MV drive cabinet)

Reactive power compensation > not needed, drive cos fi ≈ 0.95

Needed maintenance > theoretically maintenance free system, anyhow the drive modules are easily replaceable in case of failure (less than half an hour for replacing)


Economical benefits

With MV VSD it is possible to achieve economical benefits in terms of CAPEX and OPEX. Initial investment is reduced:

  • No fluid coupling needed
  • Reduced size of transformer
  • PFC not needed

Operational costs also are reduced thanks to a better maintenance management.


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