Danieli Centro Recycling ’s broad range drives lean processing

Over the last seven years, Danieli Centro Recycling (DCR) has exploded on to the recycling scene with a comprehensive array of metals processing equipment.

Famous for its innovation in the steel mill industry, Danieli brings tried and tested technology such as automation to scrap metal engineering. The range covers everything from shears, balers, shredders and pre-shredders to rotors, hammers, other wear parts and spares.

At a time when price volatility sees operators looking for ways to tighten their belts, plant optimisation and value for money are critical. Last year, Danieli spent US$ 190 million on research and development, work which has led directly to leaner processing for scrap businesses. It also uses its size and global reach to ease the burden on smaller businesses, offering leasing arrangements or holding consignment stock for strategic spare parts.


Many regulatory bodies are specifying the use of pre-shredders to reduce fire incidents. The Danieli range of ZDS/ZTS pre-shredders – with an output range of 25 to 120 tons per hour – typically achieve a zero fire-event outcome and simultaneously offer increases in uptime of 5-10%. This means that, for a 100 000-ton annual capacity plant, the pre-shredder will typically pay for itself in under 12 months.

Pre-shredders are generally installed upstream to prepare the material for entry into the shredder. With a more uniform feedstock, the shredder will produce a higher density end product and suffer up to 20% less wear and tear on higher consumables such as hammers.

DCR is developing an innovative drive system that allows the operator to increase the hydraulic drive capacity. This results in low speed/high torque for heavy material or high speed/lower torque for lower-density scrap. The first of its kind will be installed on a DCR pre-shredder in the UK this April.

Unlike others on the market, the ZDS/ZTS machines are designed for ease of maintenance, with features such as hydraulic opening for access and an optional extended warranty on the pre-shredder drive.

Danieli preshredder and shredder plant

Pre-shredder upstream a shredder plant


Danieli Centro Recycling has more new rotor assemblies – over 1200 - under its belt than any other company. With specialist rotors for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap applications, and a complete patented alloy series, customers are free to choose the optimum design for their system.

Capped spiders, capped open discs and closed rotors such as barrel rotors are all available. Customers can choose a Danieli rotor that will fit their machine or, alternatively, 3D scanning can be used to design a direct replacement.

Shredder rotor

Danieli Centro Recycling shredder rotor manufacturing

Non-ferrous separation

Full metal recovery is even more important these days. Along with growing interest in the sorting of plastics and electronic waste, this is bringing non-ferrous separation into sharper focus.

Although Danieli has been behind high-profile non-ferrous separation plant installations, such as at Gerdau’s Ontario steel mill, it recognises that large-scale plants are not appropriate for all customers. Some may increase profitability by adapting the ferrous line with something as simple as improving the air system, while another solution may be as easy as adding a screen and eddy-current separators to generate Zorba.

Whatever the size of the operation, DCR is available to integrate the system and bring the best available technology in order to improve productivity.


Non-ferrous scrap separation system © Gerdau Whitby, Canada

Wear parts

Wear parts such as hammers and caps are made from standard manganese, or the harder wearing Carbon Series. The smaller Carbon Series range of 110 kg and below has been redesigned to improve wear life, while the heavier range will be available shortly. Initial trials show a 10% improvement over the wear life of its highest-performing competitor.


Danieli’s work in the steel industry has driven home the necessity for efficiency and maximum uptime. It has constantly innovated, and it is this well-established, proven technology that is being adapted for the recycling industry.

The main focus has been to develop a fully-automated shredding plant, with integrated programmable logic controller (PLC) controls tied to key components such as the compression feed rolls and reject door. In-house technology suites include monitors and remote access systems, which mean Danieli Centro Recycling is able to view a live feed and give real-time support to site personnel.

Upgrading drive systems to inverter technology commonly used in steel mills allows operators to set a limit with their electrical grid, meaning no more average peaks.

With manufacturing sites around the world, no customer is far from native-speaking after-sales support. Danieli has always operated on a global scale, and with size and influence come the skill, technical expertise and confidence to innovate.


Danieli. Plants and equipment for the steel industry

Danieli Team mission is to serve Customers with competitive plant and process technology/automation to produce quality at the lowest depreciation and production cash costs and offer efficient after-sale service. The technology spectrum and relevant process know-how provided by our Product Lines, the well-known tendency towards innovation and high reliability are the best guarantees in reaching this target.

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