Danieli Centro Recycling shear makes the cut in Washington

Danieli Centro Recycling has secured a landmark deal with the last scrap yard operating out of Washington DC.

September 2016 will see theSuper Salvage shear baler company’s CIV 1380 press wing shear in action at the new Super Salvage site in the US capital. Danieli Henschel Sales Director Eric Fromont says the sale was based on service, the flexibility afforded by the machine, and Danieli Henschel’s ability to offer the widest range of shears on the market.

He explained: “Danieli Henschel part of Danieli Centro Recycling has the brightest range of shears available. As result, we have more opportunity to talk openly with our customers about their needs, and to determine the best machine to suit their scrap type, hourly production target, budget and yard area. I think our range of choices gives us the greatest degree of credibility in the market.”

Super Salvage is a well-established family business, which processes light and medium scrap. When the company sold its 60-year old site to make way for a new soccer stadium, relocation led to an entire equipment upgrade. The owner, Steve Middlethon, chose to expand his operation, replacing the 28-year-old shear that had serviced his old site.

The new, more powerful shear has the capability to process up to 60,000 tons of light and medium scrap per year, giving Super Salvage greater productivity and the potential to process heavier scrap. Fromont said: “The press wing shear offers greater flexibility than a side compression machine, which requires manual adjustment when working with medium or light scrap. With a density of 0.8m3, the CIV 1380 can easily produce bales to feed a shredder.

“When it came to the sale, service was a key element. Our ability to build the machine was a proven fact, so once we joined forces with local firm Proware, which had already collaborated with Super Salvage, Steve had a team he could trust to deliver finance and installation, servicing and maintenance. We supplied a mobile shear to keep the operation running during manufacturing process and installation, so there was no downtime.

We expect the market to pick up after the US elections, but until then, very little investment is taking place. With a new yard and investment in fresh equipment, Super Salvage will be in an incredibly strong position when the market recovers.”

About Super Salvage

“Turn your scrap metal into cash at our salvage yard. Super Salvage is a full-service salvage company that specializes in recycling copper, brass, aluminum, cast iron, steel, appliances, chillers, and condensers.
Because our company is a smaller, employee-owned-and-operated establishment, we take pride in our work. That includes using a personalized approach to ensure all our clients are well taken care of. For more than 50 years, our customers have continued to come back to us because of familiarity, and we even have some second-generation customers. We provide specialized services for demolition contractors.”




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