American scrap industry poised to access the most complete range of scrap processing equipment on the market

Danieli Centro Recycling stirs up American markets with innovation, technology and service!

Danieli Centro Recycling may offer a larger portfolio of scrap metal recycling equipment than its competitors but, until recently, the name Danieli has been better known in the Americas for its steel mill production. Everson Cremonese, Sales Director for the Americas, says this is all about to change.

Cremonese explains: “Our range includes everything from shredders and shears to balers, grinder mills, rotors and spare parts. We are also bringing much-needed innovation to the industry. Danieli Centro Recycling (DCR) is well known in Europe, but with the Americas – particularly North America – currently forming the largest global market, we are making it a priority to show businesses here what we can do.”

The DCR reputation relies equally on innovation, cutting edge technology and quality service. Cremonese says: “The first two aspects are crucial in developing an outstanding product, but to retain customers, service is just as important. Sales teams may generate the first sale, but the second and third are decided through service. We place a strong emphasis on providing excellent care and advice and, as a result, we reap the rewards with a high level of repeat business.”

DCR utilizes the cross-discipline strengths available throughout the Danieli group to encourage innovation and upgrade standard level equipment. For example, hydraulic experts can be drawn from Danieli to support other customers and, when DCR acquired a well-known shredder manufacturer, it was able to combine expertise in shredder design with skill in high tech automation to revolutionise the technology available to shredder operators.

Danieli Centro Recycling’s introduction of inverter solutions has brought new levels of automation and command to the shredder market. Cremonese says: “We are able to control our flagship shredders – the 1000 and 2000hp models – with inverter solutions. Sometimes you need to change the velocity of the machine through the speed of the motor. Traditionally, hydraulic coping and have been used, but Danieli was able to source a solution from its highly automated steel mill designs and apply them to its shredders. This represents a huge innovation for this market.”

The company has already installed a new baler at US Steel, near Chicago, with another due in place by summer 2016. It is also placing a shear at Super Salvage in Washington State, and a shredder with Brazilian firm SADA.

Cremonese says the US Steel project demonstrates one of Danieli Centro Recycling’s strengths, the ability to integrate recycling equipment with steel mill technology. “In the past, Danieli supplied every piece of equipment in a steel mill except for the recycling kit in the mill scrap yard. Nowadays, we are able to provide the full service and it all works together seamlessly.

“We have a system called IFAC, which integrates with the scrap yard to send material directly to the furnace. This saves energy and time, since there is no need to open the furnace to refuel.”

As sales manager for the Americas, Cremonese’s responsibilities cover a wide area, each with its own challenges and requirements. The US market, for example, is predominantly automotive, with large numbers of shredders dedicated to processing vehicles. The South American industry, on the other hand, is just starting to launch extensive vehicle shredding operations with the imminent introduction of end of life vehicle regulations.

Cremonese describes Brazil as ahead of its close neighbours, with reverse recycling legislation due to come into force in the spring of 2016. The Brazilian automotive industry experienced a shortfall of 30 per cent in 2015, which has also led to car industry initiatives designed to cover the fall in the market. Cremonese adds: “The scrap market is fairly stagnant at the moment, but by early next year we are expecting to see a recovery and many of our customers are preparing to get ahead of the game. In Brazil, for example, we have recently sold two shredders, one to Sinobras and the other to SADA. These machines are being put in place ready to tackle the volumes of automotive scrap that will soon become available as the law comes into force.”

The Danieli Centro Recycling brand incorporates three divisions – Danieli Lynxs, Danieli Henschel, and Danieli Riverside – each specialising in a different area of design and production.

Danieli Lynxs supplies both small and large-scale shredders. One of its most recent projects, the installation of the DCR 2227 shredder at Turkish giant Tosyali Holding’s Algerian plant, has driven a 15 per cent rise in the number of castings per day, and in record time. The newly commissioned shredder has raised the number of castings per day from 27 to 31, far exceeding contractual outputs.

The DCR shear, baler and grinder mill range is provided by Danieli Henschel. When Australian firm Sell and Parker decided to upgrade, it opted for three CIB 1400 shears, resulting in a denser, more uniform product and a decrease in costs. Managing Director Luke Parker explains: “We are producing a better quality product, so it is more attractive to our end buyers. In terms of production, it also gives us enormous flexibility to grow in future – to date, we are not utilizing the machines completely because as yet there is not enough scrap in those locations to fill them up.”

Iowa-based Danieli Riverside (DRS) joined the wider Danieli Centro Recycling group in 2013. As the world’s most prolific manufacturer of shredder rotor assemblies, it is the only company in the US offering written guarantees for refurbished rotors, and also holds 14 current US patents. In 2015, DRS hit a record of 1,200 rotors shipped since the company’s inception, with three major refurbishment projects completed and three mega-shredder rotors supplied in the first quarter of the year.

Cremonese concludes: “Together, we represent the largest portfolio on the market. We have a huge wealth of experience to draw on, and are looking forward to playing a greater part in the growth of the American scrap industry as it moves to the next stage.”

Case study: Super Salvage

When Steve Middlethon, owner of Super Salvage in Washington DC, sold his scrap yard to make way for a new, 20,000-seat soccer stadium, he took the opportunity to upgrade his shear with a 1250 ton Danieli Centro Recycling (DCR) model. In addition to increased productivity, the new, more powerful shear is expected to be able to process heavier scrap.

Super Salvage is a relatively small-scale, employee-owned operation, which processes engine rims, appliances, residential and construction scrap, and other mixed scrap. Since the company’s existing shear was 28 years old, it made little sense to dismantle and re-install it on a new site. With the introduction of local service partner Proware Systems’ financial package, the choice was made.

Danieli Centro Recycling Account Manager Eric Fromont explained that the wide range of DCR products available makes it best placed to meet customer needs. He said: “I believe our range of choice gives us more credibility than many of our competitors, who are forced to recommend one style of machine simply because that is their trade mark product. We have more opportunity to talk openly with customers, and decide together whether a press wing, side compression, or inclined shear will be most appropriate for them.

“DCR works hard to define the best options for each customer, based on scrap type, hourly production target, budget and available yard area, and Super Salvage was no exception. As a result, we are confident that the machine Super Salvage will operate is the best adapted for its needs.”

The CIV 1380 is capable of processing up to 60,000 tons of scrap per year and offers a high degree of flexibility. With delivery planned for summer 2016, the machine is expected to be up and running by September. However, DCR is to provide a mobile shear to allow Super Salvage to process while installation takes place.

Fromont concluded: “A key element in this sale was the service on offer. Super Salvage was familiar with the team, and had confidence in the financing, installation and maintenance proposals. From the DCR perspective, we are optimistic that with Super Salvage offering its yard as a show room for the east coast, the deal will also help us to achieve our goal – to become one of the top two scrap processing equipment suppliers in the US.”


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