Twins shear-balers for Russia and Belarus

On September 17th, 2015, the launch ceremony for the CIB 1600-10 scrap shear took place at OAO Belvtorchermet’s scrap metal recycling site in Gatovo, near Minsk, from where a minimum of 1000 tonnes of recycled waste are transported daily to companies in the Republic of Belarus.

In November, 2014, Belvtorchermet signed a new contract for the latest and most powerful 720 kW scrap shear, with 1600 tonnes cutting force. Right after Belvtorchermet, a second Danieli Henshecl scrap shear was ordered by Russian company ZAO Mera, based in Saint-Petersburg.  The two equipment started production almost simultaneously.

So what use is such a bulky piece of equipment? The shear with its side compressor, 8 metre loading box and cutting force of 1600 tonnes is the most powerful scrap shear installed in the CIS, although not the largest in the Danieli Henschel range. There are versions with a 10 metre box and cutting strength of 1800 tonnes. Both companies business is centred on recycling heavy scrap metal: military equipment, railway carriages, large pipes, etc. The CIB 1600 is capable of cutting this type of scrap metal without reaching the hydraulic system’s maximum capacity. During tests where it cut extremely complex scrap metal, including pipes 800 to 1200 mm in diameter with walls 10 to 15 mm thick, they were cut under pressure of 280 bars with nominal pressure set at 350 bars. Ordinary scrap metal was cut using pressure of 100 to 120 bars, which proves to be a sufficient reserve for the machine’s power and will ensure a longer lifetime.

The parallel assembly, operating tests and commissioning of the two shear-compressors in Minsk and Saint-Petersburg was carried out by specialists from Danieli Henschel Service, Moscow.

Shear-balers inauguration         Belvtorchermet shear-balers


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