State-of-the-art shredder plant at INSUNMOTOR, South Korea

The depth of experience shared by the Danieli Centro Recycling teams continue to bring extensive benefits for clients around the world. INSUNMOTOR Co. Ltd is based in Seoul, South Korea, and enjoys a reputation for being a highly successful and pioneering waste-processing and management company. With new legislation emerging to ensure controlled and environmentally sound recycling of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) in South Korea, INSUNMOTOR saw an important opportunity to increase its portfolio of activities.

DCR 2227 automobile shredder

In a country where industrial land is at a premium and control of fugitive emissions is strictly enforced, the Danieli Lynxs and Danieli Automation engineers had to overcome significant technical obstacles to produce a solution that offered maximum material recovery while meeting local legislation requirements. By using the natural terraces formed on the hillside where the plant will be installed, a compact and elegant configuration has been established. The plant is designed to process up to 500,000 tons of untreated ELVs per year. Based around a 4,000 Hp (3 MW) DCR 2227 scrap shredder, the plant incorporates a double-drum magnet ferrous recovery system coupled to a single drum magnet within the Shredder Light Fraction (SLF) line to ensure the maximum possible steel recovery. Online, non-ferrous recovery is handled by an innovative screening and multiple eddy current separators and sensor sort separators configuration that will ensure up to 99% recovery of valuable metals.

Fast-track delivery of equipment to the site allowed the plant to be up and running just three months after installation.

Installation of Q-ARDC Automatic Reject Door Control System

On 3 Al-processing Shredders

Notwithstanding the quality of the material to be processed, the presence of unshreddable objects in the shredder charging feed is a well-known occurrence during machine operation. A countermeasure is always needed to avoid machine mechanical overstressing. The usual approach is to provide constant operator supervision, ensuring a proper control (opening) of the reject door and letting the unshreddable object exit the shredder. Keeping in mind the high personnel costs associated with this strategy, Danieli Automation developed the innovative Q-ARDC Automatic Reject Door Control system to perform the door opening-closing operations autonomously.

Q-ARDC control features

The detection of unshreddable material is based on real-time processing of noise and vibration signals. The control algorithm can be configured to consider noise, vibration or both to fine-tune the control loop according to the characteristics of the machine.

As soon as the bulky object is detected, the charging feed is stopped; the door is then opened after a proper delay to limit the expulsion of shreddable material still inside the machine at the detection event, thus limiting the loss of sealable product.

The application OWS is used for system configuration and diagnostics, as no operator intervention is needed regarding the reject door during machine operation.

Operative Results

Q-ARDC was recently installed on the 3 separate Al scrap shredders of an Aluminium recycling plant. The system effectively reduced personnel and transformation costs as the unshreddable detection is now fully automatic. The application also improved machine and process monitoring, as the quality of the charged material in terms of non-shreddable chunks can be monitored. The automatic door operation also enhanced process repeatability, thus constituting a sensible improvement regarding machine safety.

Q-ARDC control panel showing microphone and accelerometer feedback and  unshreddable material events trend

Q-ARDC control panel showing microphone and accelerometer feedback and unshreddable material events trend


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