Danieli Riverside Products guarantees longevity and delivers cost savings with successful rotor refurbishment programme

Based in Iowa, US, Danieli Riverside (DRS) joined the wider Danieli Centro Recycling group in 2013. As the world’s most prolific manufacturer of shredder rotor assemblies and shredder wear parts, it is the only company in the US offering written guarantees for refurbished rotors, and also holds 14 current US patents. In 2015, DRS hit a record of 1,200 rotors shipped since the company’s inception, with three major refurbishment projects completed and three mega-shredder rotors supplied in the first quarter of the year.

Originally founded in 1959 as a division of the Sivyer Steel Corporation, the business was born out of a local recycling company’s request for quality shear blades. The resulting product was so effective that an independent enterprise was established to meet the demands of the ferrous and non-ferrous recycling industry. Over 50 years later, DRS routinely manufactures rotors ranging from 60-124” diameter, while performing refurbishment and rebuild work in North and South America for more than 20 years.

Refurbishment makes up around 25 per cent of the overall business, but provides customers with significant cost savings. Danieli Riverside explained: “Each project varies, but a good rule of thumb is that for complete tear down and refurbishment of a rotor, the customer will save in the region of 25 per cent of the cost of a new piece of machinery. However, that upgraded model will last as long as a brand new rotor.”

DRS rotor refurbishmentTo support this view, DRS offers refurbishment clients a unique, written, wear life guarantee equivalent to the guarantee supplied with new rotor systems – it is the only company in the world to do so.

DRS highlight a range of pitfalls facing those tempted to cut costs by performing the work themselves: “Rotor refurbishment is more difficult than building new rotor assemblies, so even many OEM (original equipment manufacturer) suppliers avoid this service. We offer a fixed, known price, whereas customers that go down this route themselves – or contract externally – typically work to a running price and find themselves spending two or three times more in labour time than they estimated.

“The level of the work will also tend to be poor. Worst-case scenario is a danger of cracking the spiders. When welding, you need to maintain a very tight pre and post-heat weld procedure. If that is performed incorrectly, you risk generating cracks in the metal base, damaging the original piece, and not just the equipment you are trying to upgrade.”

By May 2015, DRS will have completed three very different shredder rotor refurbishments this year, ranging from on-site work, re-fitting of spider discs, complete turn down of a customer rotor, and an assembly built from spare parts enhanced with Danieli Riverside equipment.

The first project, undertaken for Canadian long steel producer Gerdau Manitoba, involved eight weeks’ work on a hammermill shredder featuring a rotor originally supplied by Danieli Riverside. In addition to welding the end discs and general machining to ensure that the system re-assembled correctly, the spider discs required welding and re-fitting to extend the life of the rotor.

In March, the company completed an on-site repair assembly in Ecuador, combining new DRS rotor components with existing, customer-supplied rotor parts. The customer, Adelco, which processes miscellaneous, largely heavy scrap in its steel mill, had purchased two DRS rotors in 12 months. While the first was a brand new assembly, the second combined refurbished spare parts from the site with new fixtures; it was built at the DRS plant and shipped to the site for installation.

DCR shredder wear parts and serviceThis project came about as a result of technical know-how demonstrated by the Danieli engineer during the installation of the first rotor. Field technicians are often able to improve customers’ systems or maintenance practices, helping them to work more efficiently. He said: “Our technicians are always trouble shooting or looking for ways to help the customer improve their business. One recent example occurred when we were hired to change a rotor. While the technicians were waiting to perform their tasks, they diagnosed an improvement to the oil recirculating unit which helped to reduce the temperature on the rotors by 30 per cent.”

The third 2015 refurbishment project, due for completion in April, will see a complete turn down of a used Danieli Riverside rotor which has seen 400,000 tonnes of throughput. The shaft and spacers will be saved and re-worked, and the discs will be replaced, saving the customer 25 per cent of the price of a new rotor. DRS recommends rebuilding a rotor shaft three times in total – once for the original build, followed by two refurbishments.

Danieli Riverside Products has long led innovation in the sector, particularly in North America, where its pioneering end disc cap and spider cap designs have been reverse engineered by competitors to become the industry standard. “We believe that our spider rotors are better than any other on the planet, and our open disc rotors are the longest lasting worldwide. We ensure that our rotors do not spread over time, and we actually guarantee our rotor disc assemblies for tonnage performance.”

Following a multi-year development programme, DRS has developed the Carbon Series products, which incorporate a unique carbon alloy formation and specialised manufacturing process to revolutionise the life expectancy of metal shredding wear parts.

To concluded: “Danieli Riverside Products has more rotors in service, with greater tonnages, than any of our competitors. Routinely, machines last 25 to 30 per cent longer, while rotors on the 6085 machine, for example, will last 40 per cent longer. As we continue to expand our offering – both in servicing and new build, we intend to remain at the leading edge of technology and customer satisfaction.”


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