Steel titans Tosyali and Danieli Centro Recycling team up to conquer Algeria

Two of the steel industry’s most influential players have combined forces to storm new markets.

The sale of Danieli Lynxs’ DCR 2227 shredder to Turkish giant Tosyali’s plant in Oran, Algeria, marks the first partnership between recycling equipment manufacturer and steelmaker Danieli Centro Recycling and Turkey’s largest private iron and steelmaker.

The Oran site produces over one million tonnes of liquid steel per year from its electrical furnace. The arrival of the shredder is expected to improve profit yields through greater flexibility on scrap purchasing, and a reduction in furnace transformation costs.

Davide Braga, Executive Manager, Technical Sales at Danieli Centro Recycling described the company’s experience as a steelmaker as crucial to the sale: “The most famous Danieli slogan sums it up perfectly: We know the art of steel. – We know exactly what a steelmaker is looking for in a product. We are not only selling recycling equipment, we also provide added value in terms of know-how.”

The DCR 2227 – a 4,000 hp machine prides itself on an output of up to 100 tonnes per hour, with a yearly capacity of up to 400,000 tonnes of shredded scrap. It includes, as standard, features such as a high inertia, long-life, enclosed and capped rotor, heavy-duty rotor bearing housings, and a single unified base structure to increase strength in the vicinity of the anvil.

The shredder offers lower KWh power consumption per tonne produced and, in order to cut maintenance time and the need to replace expensive parts, Danieli Lynxs has developed an innovative hammer pin puller.

However, Braga says that flexibility in terms of feedstock purchasing is the greatest benefit.

“When a customer invests, they want to know how soon they can recover outlay costs. In general, when producing one tonne of steel with an electrical furnace, 80 per cent of the total production cost comes from the cost of raw materials. Sourcing less expensive scrap, shredding, and raising the quality of your final product therefore impact enormously on profitability.

“In Algeria, standard scrap tends to be of low yield and density, so investing in a shredder gives the opportunity to source cheaper feedstocks and produce fresh scrap compared with imported material which may have lost one per cent of its yield through oxidization during storage or transport. Our technical team recommends a density of between 0.9 and 1.1. If the material becomes too dense, it can lead to inclusions within the scrap. A more open feedstock will have a higher heat exchange, which results in a shorter melting time.”

He concludes: “These considerations are very important to the final material, and therefore very important factors in the design of the mill – and in the design of the grids and hammers. Our dedicated research and development team has produced a range of grids and hammers to suit all applications, and thanks to our subsidiary Danieli Riverside Products, which supplies spare parts, Danieli Centro Recycling is able to apply its experience in shredder consumables to each sale.”

Danieli Centro Recycling already operates four shredders across Africa and three in the Middle East. However, the deal with Tosyali is a first. The choice of Danieli Centro Recycling for Algeria confirms us as the first choice in that market. Turkey, meanwhile, produces more than 30 million tonnes of liquid steel per year, making it one of the highest producing countries in the world. We are extremely keen to build on our relationship with Tosyali, using our knowledge and experience to support such a major player.


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