Steel master Danieli Centro Recycling forges historic route to China

European steel expert Danieli Centro Recycling has forged a path to new markets, securing its first shredder sale in China.

With a factory and service department already established in Shanghai, the sale of the DCR 6290 to the Valuda Group marks a new phase for the company, bringing 25 years of experience and European quality engineering to the emerging Chinese scrap processing industry.

Engineering Group Leader Terry Keyworth said the deal demonstrated Danieli Centro Recycling’s commitment to offering the highest manufacturing standard on the market. “With over 50 machines in operation throughout the world, we were keen to apply our expertise to Chinese operations. Although aspects of the industry differ to our more traditional home market, the machine we have supplied works to the same basic principles of precision manufacturing with wear parts designed for optimum life and minimum downtime.”

The DCR 6290 is an entry-level machine designed to process relatively small volumes of up to 30 tonnes per hour. Based in Guangzhou, the Valuda Group aims to utilise the machine to treat end of life vehicles (ELVs). In common with Danieli Centro Recycling, it has ambitious plans to expand across China and recently won a contract for the processing of municipal waste in Shanghai. The arrival of the new shredder coincides with the company’s plans to take scrap processing a step further, from manual sorting of non-ferrous materials to an automated ELV processing operation.


Keyworth says the Danieli Lynxs shredding machine offers a range of features that help it to stand out from the competition and which will ensure longevity with low cost maintenance. Perhaps the key point is Danieli Centro Recycling’s approach to wear parts. Instead of treating the hard-working, fully machined rotor as a consumable, it is considered an integral part of the machine, with wear parts such as caps added to help balance the rotor, reduce the cost of replacing parts, and aid power consumption with a design that provides more inertia.

Keyworth added: “Our rotor is a very highly precision-made piece of equipment with spider arms and end disks heated and shrink fitted to the shaft. Similarly, I believe we are alone in supplying welded radial stiffeners, which support the grids at four points of contact. These provide extra stiffness to castings and bracing to the machine itself.”

In addition, the shredder features independent hydraulic cylinders for the kick-out door, allowing the door to operate independently to the machine in an emergency, and single shaft compression feed roller, which helps to regulate the feed flow.

Keyworth said: “The feeding system is linked to a completely automated HMI (human machine interface) system which monitors rotor RPM, motor amps, and the compression feed roller motor and adjusts the settings by the second.”

With the plant currently undergoing installation, the aim is to be up and running by end of 2014. Keyworth concluded: “This is the first plant of its kind in China and we are looking forward to bringing a new level of design and operation to the market. We have a large factory with 3,000 people working in Shanghai and are fully equipped to supply complete support to the Valuda Group.

“We fully expect to be an integral driver in Valuda’s plan to both increase and improve ELV processing capability, and to offer China the benefit of our specialised know-how and manufacturing expertise.”


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