Press wings shears take off

The Brangé Environnement group reaffirms its trust in Danieli Henschel

2014 will be a good year in the French and Swiss markets for Danieli Henschel and its range of press wing shears – this year the complete range of press-wing shears made in Chambéry can be found in both countries.

First, the CIV 600-8, the entry-level model in terms of power, has just been delivered to RETRIPA VALAIS in Switzerland, while the same type of machine, equipped with the cupola feature for maximum densification, was also chosen by CERN in Geneva to be installed on the nuclear site at the end of the year.

Fronsac-based scrap collector Lacroix opted for the CIV 800-8, and confirmed its confidence in our products by replacing its mobile CIV 600-8 with a higher-capacity fixed machine. Next: a brand new CIV 1000-10 with 1000 tonnes of cutting power has been installed at EVN (Braine, 02), to join the CIV 600-8 already used since 2013 at the EVN site in Picardy.

And finally, the BRANGE ENVIRONNEMENT Group demonstrated its continued trust in Danieli Henschel by acquiring two machines! A CIV 700-8 and a CIV 800-8 will both be installed next autumn; one on the Adour Metal site in Dax and the other on the Aliarec Environnement site in Boé. They will supplement the work of the mobile CIV 600-8 that has been travelling to the Group’s various work sites since it was commissioned in 2011.


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