Two new 1250-t shears commissioned at SEVERSTAL

The first of two CIB 1250-10 SV shears (with conveyors and magnetic separator) installed at ZAO SEVERSTAL’s Balakovo site has passed on-load tests with flying colours.

CIB SeverstalThe machine, the first element of the factory’s scrap metal recycling facility, satisfied the requirements imposed by the customer. “This project was a real challenge for us, and it was important to complete it successfully. Both parties conducted themselves professionally and were open to discussion. This enabled our company to install, commission and test the shears, demonstrating that the contractually declared statistics were actually achieved,” explains Daniel Damart, Managing Director of DANIELI HENSCHEL. “We have accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), and we find that customer requirements here have become increasingly specific and targeted over the years. I want to thank SEVERSTAL for the trust they have placed in us as their equipment manufacturer, as well as the whole SEVERSTAL team at Balakovo and Managing Director Igor Baykov for his cooperation and assistance.”

“The tests took almost a week,” says Igor Baykov, Managing Director of ZAO SEVERSTAL’s Balakovo facility. “According to the quality of incoming scrap metal, the machine’s production capacity varies from 31 to 42 t/h, which confirms the contractual production capacity figures.”

François Gouriou, Director of Danieli Henschel Service in Moscow, adds: “These CIB 1250-10 SV shears are unique, with a variable-geometry lateral reducer. This technology allows us to recycle heavy scrap metal reinforced by crossbeams, which cannot be recycled in traditional lateral reducer shears.”

At this very moment, on the SEVERSTAL building site in Saratov Oblast, preparation for the commissioning and preliminary testing of the second CIB 1250-10SV delivered to SEVERSTAL has begun. Industrial operation can begin as soon as testing is complete.

The two units consist of shears that are identical in every way, including a separation system with a vibrating table – which removes as many impurities as possible from the scrap metal – and an outlet conveyor that takes sheared scrap to the magnetic separator. The separator sorts the magnetic fraction from the non-magnetic fraction. After being cleaned in this way, the scrap metal proceeds towards a swivelling conveyor that can load it directly into trucks or store the prepared scrap in a radius of more than 15 metres. These options allow better recycling of the material processed in this way, real time savings, and substantial financial savings, with regard to personnel and handling equipment (power shovel, etc.).


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