Danieli Henschel delivers a briquetting press to Inchermet

The Russian company INCHERMET, which already owns four Danieli Henschel machines, has commissioned a new briquetting press, thus receiving its fifth Danieli Henschel-brand machine.

PCB 160 Danieli Henschel  briquetting presses


For many months, INCHERMET struggled with a deluge of ever-increasing quantities of metal chips – up to 500 tons per month. Eventually, the company decided to invest in new equipment, once again returning to Danieli Henschel to find the best briquetting machine for the chips.

On 17 December 2013, CEO Igor Vyshniakov and Sales Director Mikhail Belobrov of Russian company INCHERMET visited the Danieli Henschel workshops to accept the PBC 160 briquetting press ordered last March.

In keeping with its desire to offer customers a complete range of scrap processing equipment, Danieli Henschel took the strategic decision to diversify and round out its offer by adding a new family of three briquetting presses to its range.

The new Danieli Henschel briquetting press range consists of three machines: PBC 120, PBC 160, and PBC 200, suitable for compacting any type of metallic material into 120-, 160-, and 200-mm cylindrical briquettes.

The three machines were entirely developed by Danieli Henschel’s technical teams, using tried and tested, reliable technologies that are also used in all of the brand’s high-power presses and shears. The press and its hydraulic power unit are installed together on one chassis, which limits the labour-intensive disassembly and reassembly phases during delivery, making it a compact and easy to install assembly. These production machines have been developed for continuous (24/7) operation, whilst reducing periodic maintenance phases, most notably thanks to easily interchangeable tools and a large drip pan.

The PBC 200 model is able to process up to 10 tons per hour of steel offcuts. INCHERMET chose the PBC 160 to process all the offcuts collected from the region located north of Moscow.


The INCHERMET company is one of the leading scrap metal recyclers in the Tver and Moscow regions. Through a network of 27 well-distributed sites (twelve of which are intended solely for scrap collection), it covers a vast territory of almost 150,000 km².

INCHERMET employs nearly 250 people and processes more than 100,000 tons of steel scrap annually, mainly for the Belarusian and Russian steel industries.

In 2005, INCHERMET acquired its first Danieli Henschel machine, a CIV 600-8 wing-type shear with 600-ton cutting force. Since then, this loyal customer has purchased a second CIV 600-8, and a CIV 1000-8 wing-type shear with 1000-ton cutting force, as well as a PAV 1046 DB car baler.


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