Belvtorchermet inaugurates its new scrap metal processing site in Belarus

Belarusian Wikipedia tells us that “Urechcha is a village located in the Liuban area of Minsk Province, Republic of Belarus. It lies 18 km north-west of Liuban and 140 km from Minsk. The first known record of the existence of Urechcha dates back to 1635. Its main activity is agriculture.” Nobody could have imagined that this little village in the back of beyond would become southern Belarus’s main scrap metal recycling centre.

Daniel Damart, Managing Director of Danieli Henschel, presided over this inauguration by presenting the keys for a brand new shear to Alexey Anoshko, Managing Director of BELVTORMET, a state association owned by state holding company BMZ (Belarus Metallurgical Factory).

“The installation of this impressive shear on the Urechcha site is a major event for us. The strategic decision was made in 2012, with the aim of optimising the supply of scrap metal to BMZ in Zhlobin, from this region of southern Belarus,” explains A. Anoshko. “We plan to double this site’s production, so that the Minsk recycling site can be relieved of some of its workload and we can reorganise the whole scrap supply logistics system.”

Belvtorchermet-01     Belvtorchermet

At the signing of the shear commissioning order, the Chief Engineer of BELVTORMET, Mr Myadeletzev, described the choice of equipment manufacturer as far from simple: “After the launch of the call for tenders, the committee received a very large number of proposals, so it then applied a draconian selection process based solely on the criteria defined by the specification. We finally chose Danieli Henschel because its equipment perfectly satisfied all the requirements of the specification, both technically and economically.”

Danieli Henschel scrap shears from the CIB range, with lateral reducer and a loading bucket, are the most suitable for the shearing of heavy, bulky scrap metal. Scrap metal is loaded into the bucket, then poured into an 8-metre box. The lateral reducer and cover are then activated to reduce the scrap metal and prepare it for cutting. With help from the pusher, the compressed scrap is conveyed towards the head, which shears it easily thanks to its 1,000-tonne piston. With a 210-tonne mass, this shear can operate at a production capacity of up to 45 t/h.
Belvtorchermet-03This CIB 1000-8 has a blade hydraulic support system. Hydraulic clamping and release make for quick and easy replacement of the fixed blades, saving time and providing further justification for BELVTORMET’s choice of shear.

For the operator’s convenience, the shear was supplied with a cab equipped with a comfortable armchair, ergonomic joysticks, and an additional screen showing the operator the position of all shear mechanisms in real time.

A week-long operator training course, combined with a remote information module, make it straightforward to quickly and accurately diagnose the cause of any problems, which means that shear downtime is significantly reduced.

This shear is the second Danieli Henschel machine that BELVTORMET has bought. The first is a pre-shredder installed upstream from their shredder to feed it a regular supply of material from which practically all potentially explosive elements have been removed. It is installed on the Gatovo site.

“Danieli Henschel would like to thank BELVTORMET for working with us and for the friendly atmosphere that reigned during this partnership,” declared D. Damart. “I must say that the shear we are inaugurating today – and I choose my words carefully – is currently the most technologically advanced machine of its type on the world market.”

Several tonnes of scrap were sheared during the inauguration ceremony. The management and the site workers were able to witness the efficiency of this machine that now enhances their production facility.


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