A huge success for Danieli Henschel in the high-capacity shear sector

No fewer than ten machines being built!

Singapore is famous for its tropical heat, ultra-modern buildings, and cosmopolitan society — but many people are unaware that it also has a steel industry. Natsteel, a subsidiary of the Tata Steel group, has been operating in the western part of the island since 1961. It produces more than 2 million tonnes of steel annually, making a major contribution to the breathtakingly fast growth of the construction industry in this part of Southeast Asia.

Natsteel Recycling, a subsidiary of Natsteel, collects more than 500,000 tonnes of scrap metal locally every year. When investing in high-capacity scrap shears, Natsteel Recycling put its faith in Danieli Henschel. After several technical discussions and site visits in Europe, Natsteel’s engineers chose Danieli Henschel CIB 1400-10L scrap shears. Danieli Henschel CIB 1400-10L scrap shears have a cutting capacity of 1,400 tonnes, a one-metre cutting width, and 10 metre-long lateral reducer shears, to produce 72 tonnes of sheared scrap per hour. The CIB 1400 is installed on the recycling sites of many steelworks operators, and is part of an extremely broad and varied range of high-capacity 1250- to 1600-tonne lateral reducer shears.

Now, at the end of 2013, Danieli Henschel’s technicians are successfully assembling and commissioning these scrap shears on Natsteel’s site in Singapore. And, early in 2014, Danieli Henschel’s teams will visit customer sites to manage the assembly of a 1,250-tonne scrap shear unit in Great Britain, and another in Kuwait. In the months that follow, 1,400-tonne machines will be delivered and assembled in Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia. So, in just one year, Danieli Henschel will have delivered a total of ten machines that are 125- tonne models or higher!


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